Prices in Oslo - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money taking in Oslo

Prices in Oslo

Prices in Oslo

The largest city of Norway is Oslo. The country's capital is famous for its tourist attractions. Oslo - an expensive city, which is second only to Stockholm. He is considered the business center of the state, so there are a lot of well-appointed accommodations, catering to a business conference and exhibition. Prices in Oslo tour may seem too high. But they are quite natural, because the standard of living in Norway consistently high.

Prices of goods and services rise even higherautumn, at a time when passes ceremony of the Nobel Prize. In Norway, used his own money - NOK. If you do not want to pre-purchase the crown, then bring your euros. Rubles in Oslo can be exchanged for the crown only in large banks.

Accommodation in Oslo

The capital of Norway - is more of a business center thantourist town. Therefore travelers with limited budgets are experiencing certain difficulties associated with the choice of hotel. Prices for rooms in hotels Oslo autumn soar to the heavens.

To save on accommodation, it is better to removeroom in a hostel. Good hostel offers comfortable rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. Looking to rent a room in the hostel, which is located in the city center, it is possible for 20 euros per day. In the center of Oslo, located upmarket hotels. Room prices there are much higher than in the hotels located on the outskirts. The cost of a standard room in a nice hotel starts from 100 euros per night. Tourists on a limited budget can stay in a multi-inexpensive accommodation. If you wish to join the local customs, rent a room or apartment in Oslo. Rent a room in an apartment, you can for 90 euros per day.

Excursions in Oslo

Tickets to the main museums in Oslo cost ratherexpensive. Big spending tourists are also related to transport services. If you are on a budget, try to visit free attractions. For example, such a place is the National Gallery.

Tour cost in the capital of Norway depends on the route and the number of participants. Walking tour of Oslo on 2-3 hours will cost 200 euros.

tourist Meals

Products in Oslo are expensive. It will cost more expensive food in the restaurant. Tourists are primarily interested in the Norwegian cuisine, which is considered one of the best quality in the world. The basis of many dishes of fish. Also popular flour and meat dishes. The restaurant cuisine you can taste pork ribs with cabbage, smoked meat and sausage from elk and reindeer. In a cheap restaurant main course costs about 150 CZK. In the more expensive establishment dinner for one person will cost 250 kronor. Over a bottle of wine would have to pay 350 kronor.

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  • Prices in Oslo
  • Prices in Oslo
  • Prices in Oslo

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