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Tours in Oslo

Tours in Oslo

The capital of the country attracts VikingsTravelers interested in the history and the beauty of northern prefer fresh hot sun beaches battered Asia. Once the city consisted of a pair of fortresses, from the windows of which the king and the bishop looked at each other, and now tours in Oslo - it is an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the largest capitals of the Old World and begin the journey to the famous Norwegian fjords.

History and geography

Location of the Viking capital - northerntip of the Oslofjord in the south-east of the country. Oslo can be called the city of lakes, because they are in its territory more than three hundred, and each - a source of clean drinking water.
In ancient Norse legends, sagas about OsloIt states that it was founded in the middle of the eleventh century King of Norway Harold Stern. The man was aggressive and always wanted someone to win. As a result, he paid for the disgusting nature and perish when trying to capture the British throne. But Oslo was and began to grow rapidly. In the Middle Ages it became an important trading port, which has strong links with the Hanseatic merchants. The capital declared for the year before the onset of the XIV century. Then there were fires and wars, Oslo died and rebuilt to become today home to nearly seven hundred thousand Norwegians.

Briefly about the importance

  • Participants of the tour in Oslo can choose directcapital flight from Russia, which lasts 2.5 hours, or to get to the docks in the other Scandinavian capitals. From the international airport in the city guests deliver high-speed trains or vehicles. Summer tours in Oslo can be combined with cruises to Scandinavia, visiting the sea ferry or boat and other northern cities and countries.
  • A single ticket allows you to use the systema travel document for all kinds of public transport during the tour in Oslo. It is valid on buses and ferries, trams and metro lines T. Taxis in the capital city of Norway is not cheap.
  • City may seem quite expensive, as well asAll Norway, in principle. To travel budget did not get out beyond the sensible, should look for a hotel easier, especially since the level of comfort and service are a little dependent on the star. Restaurants, where the cost of meals will be no less pleasant than the quality, located on a side street, away from the main tourist routes.
  • Climate guarantees participants travel to Oslocool summers and mild winters with lots of snow. Even in July, there is usually no hotter than 25, and in the winter thermometer rarely drop below -10 degrees.

Oslo - Review of attractions


  • Tours in Oslo
  • Tours in Oslo

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