Christmas in Norway, traditions, photo. How to celebrate Christmas in Norway in 2016

Christmas in Norway

Christmas in Norway

Global warming has made in recent years,European winter is not snowy and frosty, but because Christmas in Norway will be a holiday in the best traditions. Norwegians are proud of their perfect purity drifts, frost proper degrees and Christmas traditions that make the trip is able to leave the sea of ​​pleasant experiences here at the Visitor traveler.

Tale seven candles

To prepare for the solemn day Norwegians beginin advance, and at the very beginning of the winter homes, yards, and public buildings are decorated and tidied up. Closer to Christmas in Norway set specially treated spruce, which have long not crumble. Many residents planted spruce in the yard and decorate it.
Gala Dinner is served plentiful anddiverse. The main attributes of the table - and ribё riskrem. The first dish - crispy pork ribs, from which the degree of toasting, according to legend, on the fate of marital relations. A riskrem - a sweet rice dessert in which the hidden almond nut. The finder offers a gift from the hostess and good luck next year. Find your almonds or check on the fortress relationship cooks and waitresses can be in local restaurants.
Christmas in Norway - it is also a feast of thousands of gifts. They are here to give and receive love, but because it makes sense to take a stroll and buy souvenirs and beloved mother, the benefit of the sale of raging vengeance.

According to the fjords and the Olympic sites

Tour troll kingdom is not only to buypraznichnyh for feasts. In winter, the country's special atmosphere, which is inherent only in Scandinavia. This time of year is particularly dark, but because it seems deep, water famous Norwegian fjords.
This natural attraction drawseach year thousands of visitors. The narrow bays, that the sea literally crashing into the shore, do not freeze, because the warm Gulf Stream nearby. Fjords of Norway - the world's largest, and some even openly shipping, so they are deep. On the banks of fishing villages are located, and from the surrounding rocks cascading waterfalls. The spectacle of the delightful and worth to spend Christmas in Norway!
And the Scandinavians love skating dogsledding and willingly offer guests such entertainment. A popular winter resort of Lillehammer - a place where you can feel like a real dog-driver. In the capital of the Olympic Games can be enjoyed, and horseback riding, and skiing or snowboarding.
Christmas in Norway - it's a great opportunity to remember this winter and is great fun in the country of the brave and tough, but hospitable and caring Vikings.

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