Norway Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Coat of arms of Norway

Coat of arms of Norway

One of the most northern countries in Europe, rusticLocated in Scandinavia, it can be proud of its long history of state symbols. Historians say that the coat of arms of Norway - one of the oldest in the Old World, it also clearly indicate symbols on it, and the color palette of exquisite royal colors.

Under reliable protection

Primary colors and symbols of the Norwegian coat of armsdetermined by the applicable law and the Royal Decree adopted back in 1937. According to the description laid down in those regulations, adopted at the highest level, a central place on the arms of Norway is a crowned lion gold. The front paws he holds an ax, with, silver arms and handle - gold. Leo is depicted in the background of scarlet shield - this form of the coat of arms is another prerequisite. In addition, the board of the Norwegian main symbol of the country crowned having a cross and orb.

All changes state emblem should pass through the coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except in special cases.

Image Norway official symbolIt appears on the state seal. It depicted the coat of arms, which is crowned by the crown, and the title is written in a circle and the name of the monarch, ruling the country at the present time.

Norwegian history

Researchers historical chronicles and documentsWe came to the conclusion that the lion for the first time took place on the arms of kings of Norway at the end of the XII century. First, have decided to take this terrible animal on his shield, King Haakon decided Hokonsson and then the tradition was continued by his heir, King Magnus legislator. A grandson of already Haakon armed royal lion battle ax and crowned.

Proud, menacing animal tropical countries forrepresentations of the northern nations, was considered invincible. His appearance on the official posters and billboards became thus a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility. The appearance of axes due to the fact that, firstly, it is a favorite weapon was the Norwegians, and secondly, this is the main attribute was the patron saint of Norway - Olav the Holy.

At the time, the ax just changed - it has been extended handle, at one time the ax began to resemble a halberd. Then, in 1844, the king issued a decree back fighting weapon old guise.

Norway, willingly or servitude sought to join theVarious unions lost their independence and thus its main symbol. Beginning of the twentieth century brought the long-awaited independence of the country. Norway regained the status of a constitutional monarchy.

The new king of the country with the legendary name of Haakon VII approved the draft of the new-old coat of arms. Since then, only minor changes occur in the country's official symbol.


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