Cruises to Norway - sea and river cruises

Cruise Norway

Cruise Norway

Country trolls, fjords and the famous salmon canget closer, if you go in the sea cruise to Norway. This format allows you to travel to enjoy the beautiful nature, get to know the past and present Norwegian towns, taste the local cuisine and get to know the customs and traditions of our northern neighbor.

In the fjords and bays

One of the priority tourist destinationscountry - cruises on the fjords, where there were hundreds. These bays, jutting deeply into the shore, looking very beautiful and majestic. The rocks that make up the fjord, reach a height and a kilometer journey through the canyons of such water gives a lot of enthusiasm and admiration.
Another natural attraction thatshow cruises to Norway - ancient glaciers. Their age is several million years old, and huge chunks of blue ice glisten in the sun like a fantastic gems.

Constellation cities

The program of cruises in Norway consistently rankedand visit the most famous cities in the country. Travelers go to the bank in the capital and other places and get acquainted with the sights and monuments:

  • In Oslo, a mandatory inspection is recommendedVigelandsparken Sculpture Park, which displays works by contemporary Norwegian artists. Among the sculptures and fantastic characters and heroes of the ancient Norse sagas. By the way, very interesting exposition awaits guests in the Viking Ship Museum.
  • Bergen has opened dozens of museums, each ofwhich is able to captivate the curious traveler with interesting exhibits. However, the city resembles outwardly open-air museum, and its quay included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.

Walking on the roof of Scandinavia

During cruises on Norwegian tourists descend onBeach and Hellesilt area, which is called the apex fjord country. There are magnificent views of open, that all are photos, and cameramen. At an altitude of a thousand meters above sea level, is located the deepest lake in Europe Hornindal and beauty arches distant Geiranger Fjord can be compared to the splendor of the medieval Gothic cathedral.
And cruises to Norway - a wonderful occasionarrange shopping and buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. The most popular here are the figures Moomin and wool sweaters hand-knitted hats and the famous "Norwegian" ornaments.

Photo cruises in Norway

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