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Flag of Norway

Flag of Norway

Norwegian flag is a rectangularred flag with a picture on it a blue Scandinavian cross with white trim. Norwegian residents refer to it with a special warmth. Rather, it is due to the mentality of the nation. Norwegians have a reputation for being very friendly and family people. They respect family values ​​and traditions that honor the history of his country and his people.
The history of the flag is similar to the way othersmall states of Europe. Norway became independent rather recently, and before that for 400 years it was inseparable from Denmark and her completely obeyed. Then another century Norway was subservient Sweden. Naturally, neither of which state symbols could be no question. A truly independent state was in 1905, it was then, and dreams of a national flag became a reality.
According to legend, the very idea of ​​a flagIt originated long before independence. It is said that during the transition Norway to Sweden, the idea of ​​framing a white flag blue lines cross. Once this idea has not caught on, but it was useful after a century. This flag symbolizes the equality of all countries of the European Union, which at that time consisted only of Sweden and Norway.
Colours used in this flag,It is the most common. Most of the flags of the European countries are made in the blue-white-red colors. Such coloring speaks of the joint past of the country to the other Scandinavian countries. The creators of the flag have sought such a color scheme to convey the message that the country is now free and independent of its citizens.
In the 19th century the flag of Norway looked a little different. It was pretentious and tasteless. I had a square shape and has been painted in the colors of the flags of Norway and Sweden. Its diagonals separated into two parts. The upper and lower triangles had the coloring of the Norwegian flag, and the side triangles were made in the colors of Sweden. The Norwegians did not like such a flag for its brightness, and even called him a herring salad. After the union of Norway, this emblem was canceled. In 1905 he was admitted to the flag, which is used by the modern state. Norwegians are very appreciate it and try all sorts of methods to show your love. They hang the flag of your country in front of his home, decorate them with their cars, jackets and hats. They do not tend to forget the past of their country. Free Norway lives with hope for a brighter future.

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