Activities in Norway in April: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Norway in April

Activities in Norway in April

Activities in Norway in April

Norway, at first glance, a harsh andlaconic country. Her restrained beauty reveals tourists immediately, but rather cool climate poorly linked with the concept of holidays in the minds of ordinary Russian citizens.

And yet, a tourist at least once visitedhere in the summer, managed to estimate the local beauty and hospitality of the locals will come back again to spend their vacation in Norway in April. See how nature comes alive, as the greens are covered by the first famous Norwegian national parks.

The beauty of the Norwegian fjords

The main natural attractions of thisScandinavian countries are the many fjords that locals consider these works of art. Their appearance is connected with the retreat of the glaciers, the change came when the sea water and filled the valley. Padded once huge glaciers routes are now attract tourists like a magnet.

Fjords are along the coastline, each of themspecial and unique. Sognefjord is different in that it is the most profound. According to it, cruising ocean liners. Tourists resting on it, freeze with delight at the sight of a huge vessel enters into a rather narrow fjord. The second stage of the enthusiastic words and surprises starting with tourists when meeting with stunning scenery.

Despite the fact that the creation of the Norwegian fjordsvery nature, some of them have received to get to the famous UNESCO list, where, in addition to cultural attractions, natural heritage sites included.

One of them, Geiranger fjord, walking on unevenareas, in many places the water drops beautiful cascades and terraced. The most stunning in this fjord is considered a waterfall called "Seven Sisters." Travelers who came here in April, lucky not only to see the magnificent water stream Flowing ledges, but also the very nature of a hymn in the form of vegetable burgeoning huge carpet.

Climate and nature in the fjords

The good journey through the fjords in April, soThis comfortable air temperature and water, of course, not for swimming. Thanks to the Gulf Stream water surface fjords not know what ice shackles. These are animals and birds who chose the coastal area to stay. The traveler will be able to admire the sea lions and beluga whales, a variety of birds. A fishing on marine life will delight any fisherman.

Photos holiday in Norway

  • Activities in Norway in April
  • Activities in Norway in April

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