Activities in Norway in August: prices and weather. Where to rest in Norway in August

Activities in Norway in August

Activities in Norway in August

Bright representative of the Nordic countries -Norway - welcomes its visitors, who want to use the last warm days of summer to become more familiar with these harsh lands. Activities will be held in Norway in August under the sign of a heart attitude of local residents, saturation sightseeing tour, discreet charm of the local natural beauty and historical sights.

Weather in the final summer

As in the previous month, August pleases touristsfairly warm temperatures. Thus, in this time Bergen +18 ºC, Oslo +20 ºC, at night temperature, respectively, +12 ºC and +11 ºC. The water temperature in the North Sea in Bergen has +14 ºC, so the bathing is possible to forget such a feat can only be solved followers of Fridtjof Nansen and Thor Heyerdahl, all others can only watch from the shore and wrap up in sweaters.

North Bergen tale

Plunge into cold Norwegian Sea off the coast ofBergen dare not everyone, but the city itself is a collection of architectural monuments amaze. Most of them are concentrated in Bryggen, has been a favorite with tourists medieval settlement, which has survived until today.

400 years old Hanseatic merchants supervisedon this city quarter. Who is running the show, tourists and visitors to the city, trying to see as much as possible and stored in memory. Bergen to visit the gallery, first of all, it contains a unique collection of world art, and secondly, is located very close to the lake with a complex called the Norwegian spirit - Lille Lungegerdsvann.

Invites Eidfjord

In this cultural and natural centers dealinglarge areas, you can learn about Norway a lot, including to get acquainted with its amazing landscapes, the hand which put only nature, climate, people and animals. Especially interesting will be the children, because in the middle of a lot of interactive stations that demonstrate this or that part of his life in Norway.

Hiking in the Maritime Museum

Continue the July trip to NorwayYou can, getting acquainted with its marine life. Here and a trip to the coast, the Marine museum tour. The exhibition demonstrates the different historical models of local boats and ships, interactive moments present in the tour, for example, you can see the artisans that manufacture individual parts of ships, right in front of astonished tourists.

Photos holiday in Norway

  • Activities in Norway in August
  • Activities in Norway in August

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