Activities in Norway in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Norway in January

Activities in Norway in January

Activities in Norway in January

Many people who are planning a tourista trip to Norway in January, dreaming about how to meet the New Year here and spend the first days of the year. Early January is New Year's holidays. It is important to note that the holidays begin from 25 December (Christmas) and continue until 13 January (the day of St. Knut). So, what celebrations and holiday traditions can count the tourists? What will be remarkable holiday in Norway?

1. New Year is celebrated modestly and special traditions of celebration does not exist. At the same time it is possible to note some important features. Before the holiday, on December 31, many Norwegians tend to go to church to receive a blessing for membership in the new year. In the night from December 31 to January 1, many people, regardless of whether, as noted by the long-awaited holiday, listening to New Year's address to the people of Norway, King. After this, the high jinks: folk festivals, New Year's fireworks, are extremely popular. You can enjoy the wonderful fun!

2. January 13 - Day of Saint Knut. This day is the official end of the Christmas holidays. Despite the slight feeling of sadness, Norwegians tend to spend on January 13 in order to complete the New Year's holiday special.

3. Norway is a northern country, where you can see the northern lights, recognized as one of the most amazing and beautiful natural phenomena. From November 23 to January 21, you can see a special light "show" nature, which happens only once a year. It is important to note that in January the festival of the Northern Lights in Tromsø, which attracts many tourists. In Vinje a festival of snow sculptures. These festivals are the most popular and allow you to fully experience the winter wonderland.

Ski resorts in Norway

When planning a vacation in Norway in January, you canvisit the ski resorts that are famous all over Europe. Here you can enjoy a family holiday together and improve skating skills, since Norway is famous for perfect preparation of trails and the best ski schools in Europe. Taking the final decision on a leisure trip, you should take into account the important features. Norway is an expensive country, focused on family vacation and offer an opportunity to improve skating skills for many newcomers.

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