Activities in Norway in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Norway in November

Activities in Norway in November

Activities in Norway in November

The beautiful and picturesque, full of legends and talesNorway and attracts some of its mystery and fairy-tale beauty. This year round come those who want to plunge into the atmosphere of something magical and almost not real. Why are only some beautiful scenery of the country!

Cost of vacation in Norway in November

Weather in Norway in November can be called truly autumn, but in spite of that this month
It is quite popular among the tourists. Prices for trips and tours are at the same level. And it's worth noting that the holiday in Norway is quite expensive. Save on travel can be at the expense of a plane ticket, having to get on the best action from the airlines, either by living in the hostel. Yet, any amount expended in any case compensate itself. The resulting experience will surpass all expectations.

At the end of November in Norway have to start the ski season. Lovers of outdoor activities you can safely go in Lillehammer, Trysil, Geilo and Hemsedal.

November in Norway is full of different culturalevents. Oslo held the famous festivals of cinema and music. The famous Christmas Market opens 24th. And on November 23 can witness the amazing beauty of natural phenomena - the Northern Lights.

Christmas Fair JuleExpo - 2014 begins29th number and lasts 3 days. Examples at the same time in an exhibition Lillestreme ski products. But this is not a complete list of entertainment programs in Norway in November.

The main attraction places for tourists are:
1. The country's capital city of Oslo;
2. Viking Ship Museum;
3. folklore museum;
4. The famous town hall;
5. Akershus Fortress;
6. Hanseatic wharf in Bergen;
7. History Museum lofotr Vikings in the village of Borg near Bestada.

Legends and beauty of Norway

Many stories and legends about the beautifulcountry place. For example, during the excursion to the trail or Trolls Troll Wall will be able to learn a lot about these unusual places. Almost all Norwegian beliefs tell about the trolls and Vikings.

Great opportunities are opening up for Novemberfishing enthusiasts. During this month many fishermen boast the best catch. This allows leisure to enjoy the beauty of local seas, rivers and lakes.

Weather in Norway in November

In the autumn of Norway reigns soft and comfortableclimate. The air temperature ranges from +2 to +5 degrees. In the northern part of the country the temperature can drop to -1, but in the east frosts to -20-five degrees.

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