Independent travel to Norway

Alone in Norway

Alone in Norway

The country is the most beautiful fjords, good Moomin Trolland auroras, forcing the sky blazing with all the shades of the rainbow, is very popular with tourists. Even not weak Norwegian prices are not able to fight off interest from fans travel the amazing natural wonders. Alone in Norway sent the ones who want to enjoy the charm of the harsh northern land where people are born, always strong in spirit and pure soul.

entry formalities

Norway is one of the member countries of the European Unionand here to visit the Russian citizen need a Schengen visa. When preparing a package of documents do not forget to take out health insurance for the duration of stay in the country and find a hotel. The embassy and the need to travel a route description in Norwegian or English.
The fastest way to go on their ownNorway - a direct flight or a local Russian airline. Connecting flights are possible through Helsinki, and by sea to the country of fjords can be reached within a cruise from St. Petersburg via Stockholm to Oslo.

Crowns and spending

National currency in Norway has its own, despite thethe country's membership in the European Union. On the Norwegian krone can be exchanged and the dollar and the euro, with the most favorable rate of conversion - in banks. In exchange traveler's checks for cash commission provided, and can not take credit cards in small restaurants or farm shops.
It is known that Norway - one of the most expensive countries in the world, but if you have some knowledge, traveler can save their own funds:

  • Oslo CARD will help to significantly reduce costson visits to museums and public transport. These cards are sold per day, two or three, and depending on the duration of the price of 320, 470 and 590 CZK. Kids card bought at half the discount, and pensioners are entitled to take place in museums for 50% of the price and in the absence of Oslo Card.
  • Tickets to "Junibacken" will cost 150-200 CZK, depending on the time that you plan to spend in the entertainment center.
  • The average bill for lunch for two can be from 350 kroons to 700 kebabnoy - in the restaurant with hot meals and a glass of wine each.

Valuable observations

  • In the absence of travel, transportation, try to purchase single tickets in the vending machines at the stops. Buying them from the driver have to significantly overpay.
  • Fishing for three hours is 300-500 CZKhuman. It is much more profitable to buy a license for two for the day, which will cost about CZK 1,200 (all prices are approximate and are valid for August 2015).


  • Alone in Norway
  • Alone in Norway
  • Alone in Norway

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