Ski resorts in Norway: photos, reviews. Skiing in Norway

Ski resorts in Norway

Ski resorts in Norway

Norway called the country of trolls and fjordsNorthern Lights. And this state on the Scandinavian Peninsula is perhaps the birthplace of skiing, but because there is a lot of resorts that can offer both professional athletes and beginners green slopes perfectly furnished, modern lifts, comfortable hotels and the best snowboard and ski equipment. Norwegian snow parks rightly have the title of one of the best in Europe, and the evening entertainment here includes dog sledding and sleigh rides, and tasting local specialties in restaurants and cafes.

Resort Hamsedal

It Hamsedal, located at an altitude of nearlymore than a kilometer, it is the most important ski resort in the country. The total length of its route is about 47 km, of which almost half - for beginners. The local ski area for children has the largest area in the country. It is absolutely free kids involved in sports and the kids are older, and weekly live entertainment and themed activities for them. All this makes the resort an ideal place for a winter family holiday.
However, parents and young people also have somethingdo. Boarders will appreciate the five snow parks, equipped with the latest sports fashion. In addition to parks in the ski areas Hamsedala laid about 20 km of trails increased complexity, which go down - it means to overcome their own fear.
Hotels in the resort and are located directly on the slopesthe mountains, and in the village at their foot. Guests are convenient to first start skating right out the door of the hotel, and those who settled in the valley, it's easier to enjoy the benefits of civilization in the form of restaurants and spas. Evenings guests Hamsedala carried out in gatherings for delicious drinks, chase on snowmobiles and tested safe riding courses in avalanche season.

Resort Trysil

This place is also preferred by families with children,because it tracks with different categories of complexity are located in close proximity to each other. This allows parents with children using a lift system. The season in the resort lasts from mid-November, when the guaranteed is established permanent snow until May. In the case of unforeseen weather circumstances provide 418 good snow cannons covering almost 30 km of local roads.
The ski area in Trysil begins at an altitude of nearlymore than 300 meters and extends to a height of more than a kilometer. This, of course, not the Alps, but also challenging tracks are laid over a dozen. And the longest slope is more than 5 km in length.
Rough like Trysil for the well-equippedsnow parks and Blaparken Parken Trysil, where there is also a half-pipe, and Trump, and kickers. Constant interest is and the opportunity three times a week to come down from the slopes at night, thanks to the artificial lighting on highways.

The resort Kvitfjell

As part of the 1994 Olympic Games, whichNorway took on the resort took steps downhill. The current state of the local ski runs - more than excellent, knowingly choose to vacation here themselves meticulous Norwegians. Season in Kvitfjell opens in early November, and the last skiers and boarders come here in April. The height of the slopes above the sea level is between 200 and 1,000 meters, and their total length - 29 km.
The main joy for fans of snowboarding herea snow park, which was built a great halfpipe. In addition, you can warm up three Quarters and fly with six jumps. Off-piste skiing is also possible if the appropriate level of training.
The resort Kvitfjell ski school,which will help to learn the basics of snowboarding or work out particularly complex pirouettes Russian-speaking trainers. This resort stands out from the rest. Located the local ski area is just 200 km from the capital, and hotels in the village - one of the best mountain boarding in Norway.

Resort Geilo

Now these two skiing areas united by a commonski pass and are located opposite each other. Especially suitable is a resort for novice skiers and families skiing because elevation changes it does not hold up to 400 meters, and difficult runs - only one quarter of the total. Geilo offers great opportunities to fans of cross-country skiing, for which only the forest laid 40 km of excellent ski runs, not counting the 175 km high mountains.
Dosochnikov prefer to resort because it isdecent, wonderful equipped snowparks. And two half-pipe allows to check your vestibular apparatus on the strength even for experienced boarders. In Geilo you can go in the evening, as some slopes are equipped with artificial lighting.

Photos of Norway ski resorts

  • Ski resorts in Norway
  • Ski resorts in Norway
  • Ski resorts in Norway
  • Ski resorts in Norway
  • Ski resorts in Norway

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