Taxi Norway - price, order. How much is a taxi in Norway

Taxis in Norway

Taxis in Norway

Taxi services in Norway are only available in the city. For the implementation of long-distance movements will have to use other means of transport or take a car to rent.

How to find a taxi

To call a taxi in Norway useful numbers most popular order taxi services: 080-00 (Norgestaxi); 023-23 (Oslo Taxi); 0220-02 (Taxi).

Order car can be and on the company websitecarriers. Using a telephone or electronic ordering cars you can be guaranteed to cause a machine to a specific time and learn the fare in advance.

You can also always stop the car on the streeta show of hands, ask to call a car in the hotel, any restaurant or store. The average waiting time of arrival taxis - from 15 to 30 minutes. In crowded areas has furnished the taxi stand where you sit in the car closest to the exit. Sit down the other passengers on the route the driver is authorized only with the approval already in the passenger cabin. For this reason, not every taxi can be caught on the street.

Price and payment by taxi

This service is fairly expensive. The cost of planting in a taxi - from 3 euros, and each subsequent kilometer will cost 1.3 euros. Payment is made in cash to the driver in local currency or by credit card (this is to warn the driver before the trip).

The increased rate of work after 18:00 and entrance days. At airports, there are special racks located in the arrivals area. This unit allows you to easily call a taxi for convenient tariff.

Features a taxi in Norway

The country has an excellent quality of roads, but this fact is notIt simplifies the task of drivers. Mountain serpentines, the sudden change of weather and reduced visibility requires the utmost care and professionalism by the driver. For this reason, the country's strict fines for not wearing a seat belt and car control in an intoxicated state. By taxi drivers high requirements, compliance with which depends on their work.

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  • Taxis in Norway
  • Taxis in Norway

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