Trip to Norway

Trip to Norway

Trip to Norway

The trip to Norway promises to be extremely interesting. But in order to realize all your desires, you need to know how it is most convenient to travel around the country.

Intercity buses

It is this type of transportation is our mostpopularity. The largest carrier in the country is the company «Nor-Way Bussekspress». Children, students and seniors, make long-distance travel, companies often offer good discounts on tickets. In addition, it is worth remembering that the baggage must be paid through a separate tariff.

City bus

Tickets can be purchased directly from the driveror in specialized kiosks. But remember that the purchase of tickets in advance will cost you much cheaper than buying it from the driver. A good save out, if you buy a ticket.

In Norway, a fairly large fine fare "hare". For this dubious pleasure you will have to pay 900 kronor.

Railway transport

You can get almost by railany part of the country. For example, Bodo station is far from the Arctic Circle. Tickets must be booked. Just because it can not be bought. In addition, except for the cost of the ticket will have to pay more and for booking itself.

Minipris - a special system of buying tickets,allowing them to save on costs. Using it, you can purchase tickets no more than 299 CZK. Purchasing is done through the network the day before departure. But remember that these tickets can not be surrender. And inexpensive cost and drive long distances.

Rent a Car

To be able to visit the mostremote parts of the country, it is best to take a rental car. The cost of renting 3000-60000 CZK per week use. The rental price will depend on the season and location.

Now you can see the real Norway. But we must be prepared for additional costs in the form of payment for travel through tunnels, bridges and crossing ferries.

Roads in the country are just perfect, but for beginnersin driving, they can be difficult. The fact that the track is very often a narrow winding road, which at times are just hacked into the rocks. And if you currently are not too sure, it is not worth the risk.

Get a rental car can be subject tostandard requirements. You should already 21 years of age and on the hands should be a driver's license of international standard. And a very important point - the experience of driving should exceed 1 year.


In addition, it is possible to ferry to cross the border of the country, they still can travel. The most popular route - from Bergen to Kirkenes. This trip to the average cost of 1000 euros.


  • Trip to Norway
  • Trip to Norway
  • Trip to Norway

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