Pakistan Flag photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan

The national flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was approved August 14, 1947.

Description and proportions of the flag of Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan has the shape of a rectangle,the sides of which are related to each other according to the proportion of 3: 2. The main field of the flag of Pakistan has a dark green color, which is normally present in all national flags of Muslim countries. Along the shaft passes a broad white band, the area of ​​which is equal to a quarter of the area of ​​the whole cloth.
In the center of the green part of the national flagPakistan is put another symbol of Islam - the crescent covering the five-pointed star. They are depicted in white and are also the emblem of the state.
Pakistan emblem was adopted in 1954 andgreen performed. It is unshakable tradition and a tribute to the Islamic religion. In the center of Pakistan's emblem - a shield, which shows the major crops cultivated in the country. This cotton, wheat, jute and tea. About Pakistan's history resembles a wreath surrounding the shield, and the tape at the bottom of the emblem is inscribed on it the motto of the country. He suffered Arabic script and means "faith. Unity. Discipline".
The green color in the flag symbolizes Pakistanas the vast majority of the population professing Islam. White field - a tribute to the representatives of other religions. The white crescent on a green field of the flag is the embodiment of progress for the Pakistanis and the desire to move forward, and the star, according to the Pakistani flag creators, bringing light and knowledge.

The history of the flag of Pakistan

Pakistan National Flag was adopted by 14August 1947. It was then British India was divided, and the Muslim League made great efforts to ensure that on the world map, a new sovereign state - the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
The inhabitants of the country have repeatedly demonstrated theirpatriotism and a deep respect for national symbols. In October 2012, they held a ceremony and formed the most extensive in the history of "living" flag of the country. 24200 people gathered at the stadium of the city of Lahore and beat the record set by former Hong Kong residents. Their achievement was included in the Guinness Book, but the authorities stressed that this record is rightly belongs to every citizen of Pakistan.

Photo Pakistan flag

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