Panama Coat of Arms (city): photos, value. Description of the coat of arms of Panama

Panama Coat of Arms

Panama Coat of Arms

When they say "coat of arms of Panama", you should immediatelyto clarify, this is one of the states of Central America, or its capital. This must be done in order to avoid confusion, since the place names of the country and its main town of the same, but the main heraldic signs are fundamentally different.

The magnificence of colors

Coat of arms of Panama City is very beautiful, colorful,filled with a variety of elements that have a symbolic meaning. From the point of view of the palette is dominated by gold, silver and red. The share of other colors is negligible, they are used for the decoration of the individual parts.

Selection of precious hues, and of scarlet,one of the most important in the heraldic practice, is not accidental. The opening of land, located on the other side of the world, has considerably enriched the European explorers and the countries that sent an expedition here.

Signs and symbols

Panama City's main official symbol istwo important elements: the shield rounded shape, having, in turn, a large number of symbols and signs; precious crown, crowning stamp composition.

Heraldic shield has a central field,divided into two halves, and fairly broad frame decorated with recurring characters. The central field painted in gold color, its elements are located in each of them.

On the left side is located five arrows tiedwith blue tips, which are reminiscent of the natives of the country. Top is located yet another symbol, which is also associated with the pre-colonial times. The right side - two sailing with a star, it's kind of a reminder of the new period in the life of Panama, when the first settlers arrived here from Europe.

European heraldic symbols

Another reminder of Europe - elements whichdecorate the frame, walking along the edge of the shield. The frame is divided into 14 sectors, painted in scarlet and silver colors. On the red background placed duplicate images of the golden castle, closed gates and three towers, on silver field there are heraldic lions, standing on its hind legs, painted in silver color.

Doubtless ornament stamp compositiona royal headdress, made of gold and decorated with precious stones of different color (silver, red, green). It can be assumed that the crown is decorated with diamonds, rubies and emeralds.


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