Panama Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Panama Coat of Arms

Panama Coat of Arms

Being a neighbor of the United States is verycomplicated. The fully experienced the state, located to the south of the United States and for a long time trying to get back the Panama Canal. The grandiose project, embodied in the lives of thousands and thousands of workers, became a national symbol of the country. This is confirmed by the fact that his image shows the coat of arms of Panama.

The coat of arms as a reflection of the country's history

Panama is in Central America, takesarea, is located on the crossroads of continents. Aboriginal Indian population was virtually destroyed by Spanish colonizers, and received the status of the territory of the Spanish colonies, and then the Great Colombia.

And only in 1903 the country receivedIndependence, which gave her the opportunity to begin to develop a major national symbol. The new period of history has been tied around the Panama Canal, the first of its design, then the great building, and then the division of spheres of influence. Therefore, on a shield divided into the field, you can see the following stylized elements: the Panama Canal; Golden Horn; symbolic image of a harpy; intersecting weapons; instruments of agricultural labor.

The shield is surrounded by pictures of the state flag of Panama, crowns the whole composition stylized bird of prey, head over to a semi-circle of 10 gold stars.

The symbolism of the elements

Central place on the emblem takes Panamachannel. Implementation of the construction of this grand plan for the project, carried the owners of fabulous profits. It is perfectly understood Americans and Panamanians, so numerous attempts of armed peace and resolve the issue. Now the Panama Canal fully and wholly owned by the country, which is named in honor of, and the stylized image of the main symbol underlines the importance for the economy and politics.

Weapons stands testimony to the fact thatPanamanians do not just have to take it in their hands to protect their borders. The instruments of labor - it is an allusion to the fact that the population of the country is committed to peace and creative work. Golden Horn on the arms of Panama, as well as on such emblems of other countries, symbolizes the wealth of the state. And here is another symbol, a stylized image of a harpy, is an individual, unique to this Central American nation.

Harpy had deserved status of a nationalsymbol of the country, it is one of the most powerful predators of the planet (among birds). Although the lives not only in Panama, but further south, that Panamanians have decided to portray it in his coat of arms. It is symbolic that in the Botanical Garden of the capital resides harpy, which plays the role of a living symbol.


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