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Panamanian Tradition

Panamanian Tradition

"The place where a lot of fish" - something like thistranslated from the local dialect the name of the Panama government. Its territory in ancient times was inhabited by tribes of Indians guayyami, Kuna and Choco, customs which are then mixed with the here brought by the Spaniards, the Scots and the English European traditions. Panama has become a multi-national state, and thanks to the construction of one of the most important sites of world significance - the Panama Canal, because the residents of dozens of countries are engaged in work.

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National cuisine - one of the oldest traditionsPanama. It is based on Indian cuisine, modified and improved by the Spanish colonizers. The basis of the diet of a Panamanian citizen - beans and meat. They are boiled and stewed, fried with plenty of onions and spices and filled with a variety of sauces. The hot Mexican pepper adds a special urgency every recipe, and because ordering something in a Panamanian restaurant, the waiter should clarify the degree of "spicy".

Coconut heritage

Indians Kuna - great masters to breedcoconuts. This crop gives them not only the traditional walnut with milk and juicy flesh, and fiber, of which Kuna craftswomen weave special fabric. The tradition of Panama and its fashionistas to wear dress from coconut fibers makes any holiday in the country of bright and colorful.

Check the calendar

The main Christian holidays and decided to celebrate in Panama, but apart from them there are special days that are important for local residents. In general, the main calendar red dates is as follows:

  • In late December, the country celebrates the Day of the flag of Panama, which has been declared a non-working.
  • Christmas - one of the favorite holidays of Panamanians. As a Christmas tree here can act and palm trees, and fireworks are heard in the Americas.
  • In the autumn, the Panamanian traditions celebrated Independence Day just three - 3, 10 and 28 November. In these days in different years, the country proclaimed its sovereignty from Spain and Colombia.
  • Traditional carnival kicks off in the countrySaturday that precedes the beginning of Lent. Festive procession lasted several days and ends on Ash Wednesday. Special attention is paid to the carnival competition different dance schools.

By the way, dancing here - one of the most popular recreational activities and any ethnic group indigenous people of Panama will organize their own dance festival every year.


  • Panamanian Tradition
  • Panamanian Tradition
  • Panamanian Tradition
  • Panamanian Tradition

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