Paraguay Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Paraguay?

Asuncion - capital of Paraguay

Asuncion - capital of Paraguay

Many people are surprised that the capital of ParaguayIt has a much longer name than all the usual Asuncion. The full official name is mentioned very Virgin Mary, patroness of the city, the locals respectfully referred to as "Our Lady (Lady)".

Location of the main cities of the country is veryconvenient - on the plain, near the meeting place of two rivers - Paraguay and Pilcomayo. The climate is tropical, very hot, and only in the winter wind from the south bring a welcome coolness.


We know the name of the founder of the city - Juan de Salazar,conquistador, whose roots are to be found in Spain. Paraguayans also know the exact date of the founding of the capital - 15 August. This day marks the great Christian holiday - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, and Asuncion name means nothing, as the Assumption.

In the Middle Ages the city was the administrativecenter of one of the Spanish colonies, also served as a reference point on the road to colonial Peru. The monks of the Order of the Jesuits had the strongest influence on the development of the city, almost to 1768, they held the power in their hands.

The capital of an independent state became AsuncionOnly in 1811, though the struggle for independence continued later. During the Paraguayan War captured the capital of the Brazilian army, the number of population decreased significantly, many architectural monuments and landmarks were destroyed.

The cultural map of the city

Fortunately, many cultural monuments managedrestore, and the whole historical center preserves the building of the colonial period, also preserved the magnificent religious buildings, constructed of hard-working hands of the Jesuits during the XVI - XVIII centuries. The most significant sights of Asuncion locals call:

  • National Pantheon of Heroes;
  • House of Independence;
  • Cathedral;
  • Gardens - a botanical and zoological.

Pantheon - a memorial dedicated to the famousParaguayans, who gave their lives for the independence of the homeland. In addition, he is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of Asuncion, at the entrance you can see the bronze soldier, but inside - a magnificent sarcophagus, which is covered with the national flag.

Cathedral, as well as House of independence, among the oldest buildings in the city and is an architectural, historical, cultural and religious value.


  • Asuncion - capital of Paraguay
  • Asuncion - capital of Paraguay
  • Asuncion - capital of Paraguay

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