Coat of arms of Paraguay: a photo, a value description

Coat of arms of Paraguay

Coat of arms of Paraguay

It is not always the main state symbols havecomplex composition with a plurality of primary and secondary elements. Paraguay Coat of surprises with its conciseness, rigor, apparent simplicity. But for each of the few parts of the country symbol is hidden deep meaning. The more so because the authorities think about the creation of the state emblem of two hundred years ago. According to historians, the first version of the coat of arms of Paraguay was born in 1820, when at the helm was a dictator Garcia.

Harmony of colors

Home Paraguay emblem is circular. On the one hand, the color palette is rich enough, there are the most popular colors in heraldry:

  • white (silver), employee background;
  • black, performing the role of the circuit;
  • red;
  • blue and green in color elements;
  • yellow (golden) stars in the image and design of the country's name.

On the other hand, the white balance is as if a riot of colors, coat of arms looks restrained, laconic.

Laconic and meaning

Chief Paraguay symbolis an alternation of rings or overlapping each other circles, in which the elements or inscriptions placed. Contour - Black, but not thin, and quite fatty. Next comes the white circle without any elements and graphics.

The next red ring contains the namecountry, the prescribed gold - "Republic of Paraguay". The smaller white ring represented by the intersecting branches of palm or olive. These plants are leaders heraldry, present singly or together on many of the official emblems of states.

Oliva refers to trees that have masteredalmost all the continents, are an important source of income for some of the Mediterranean countries, the Middle East and Asia. The appearance of an olive branch in Paraguay coat of arms can be considered coincidental, as in heraldry it symbolizes abundance, fertility, satiety. Palma is the symbolism of victory, glory, excellence, immortality or resurrection.

In the center of a circle of blue (azure) color on itis an image of a gold five-pointed star. The pentagram or star with five ends are also often found in heraldry. The Soviet Union in this matter can not take the palm, although almost all former Soviet republics, as well as friends who joined had this item on the arms.


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