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Features Paraguay

Features Paraguay

Far away, in the understanding of many exoticEuropeans, the country at the same time considered the most homogeneous in ethnicity among Latin American countries. National characteristics of Paraguay explained by the fact that a large part of the population - mestizos in whose veins flows the blood of the indigenous Indians and Spaniards conquistadors.

And only a small fraction of the community uprepresentatives of other nationalities and cultures. In addition, cultural experts say, ethnic Germans, the Italians, the Chinese were able to blend in with the local community. Any citizen of the country will emphasize their national roots, while proudly calling themselves the Paraguayan. This is an important achievement of society, contributing to the unification of the country.

Paraguayan family

The cell of society is its foundation and drivingforce Paraguayan family - it's not only close relatives. It includes several generations of close and distant relatives, godparents, and even friends. This community has an important role in everyone's life because it affects the adoption of the most important decisions regarding family formation, birth and upbringing of children, the choice of work.

By choosing godparents come verystrongly tend to chosen for this role godparents were higher on the social ladder. They should help godson, to provide full support. But appropriate courtesies and honors they are, they become members of the family, considered to be the guests of honor at feasts.

There are negative aspects of manifestationnepotism when a tourist Seller deprived of attention only because he is busy at this time of the conversation with a relative or a godfather. Do not consider it a manifestation of insensitivity and disrespect towards foreigners, for the majority of Paraguayans family - in the first place.

Conservatism - a character trait

Commitment to family, family values,traditions and rites of their people - striking features that characterize true Paraguayans. You can also note that they are very religious. At first glance it seems that the role of the Church is less than in the neighboring country, professing Catholicism.

In fact Paraguayan servants of the Churchtake an active part in the life of this world parishioners manage communities and even heard by justice (at the request of the same people). In addition to Catholicism, in the country represented and other world religions, with representatives of different religions are tolerant to each other and to people of other faiths.


  • Features Paraguay
  • Features Paraguay
  • Features Paraguay

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