Paraguay River - pictures, list description

Paraguay River

Paraguay River

Conditionally we can say that the Paraguay River are presented only three relatively large waterways. And this - Paraguay, Paraná and Pilcomayo.

Parana River

The river belongs to once the three countries - Brazil,Paraguay and Argentina. And it is the second longest river in all of South America, second only to the Amazon. The total length of Paraná - 4700 kilometers. The river bed in the middle reaches is the natural border between Paraguay and Argentina.

With Indian tribe Guarani Parana is translated as the Great River. But there are other translations, such as "sea mother".

The source of the river is located in the territory of Brazil,a place where the two rivers converge - Rio Grande and Paranaiba (Brazilian Plateau). In its upper reaches the river aggressive enough: here there is a set of thresholds, as well as there are beautiful waterfalls. River in a particular area goes through a huge lava field. And the beautiful Iguazu Falls is located on one of the tributaries of the Parana.

Overcoming natural obstacles, steam outleton a flat plateau and remain calm until the mouth - the Gulf of La Plata (Atlantic). Before you fall into the waters of the Atlantic, there is a division of vapor flow on a huge amount of arms. As a result, the delta of the river reaches a length of 130 kilometers and a maximum width - 65 kilometers.

The river is navigable. And visitors gladly travel on its waters on boats. But the local depth is too small for the ships.

Paraguay River

Paraguay - right tributary of the Paraná. Its main tributaries are: Verde; Pilcomayo; Bermejo. Paraguay passes through the territory once the four countries: Bolivia; Brazil; Paraguay; Argentina.

Start river originates in Brazil (Mato Grosso)near the city of Diamantina. At the beginning of the river bed runs through dense forests, and then goes on marshland - Pantanal. This is a huge swamp in the world, which varies depending on the time of year.

The bed of the river Paraguay conventionally divides the country into twoparts: populated east and the poorer of the Gran Chaco. The most fertile soil "get" is the eastern part of the country. Province of Chaco - salt marshes, which have their own system periodically drying up rivers.

The river is quite winding, with sandy shoals andislands. But in the lower reaches of the deepest it enough to be navigable. The average depth of the river - no more than 10-12 meters. That is why its direction periodically artificially deepened. The waters of the river are rich in fish, which makes it a real nurse poor.

The river frequently overflows, causing significant damage to coastal areas. But even at this time the river Paraguay is extraordinarily beautiful, attracting the attention of tourists.


  • Paraguay River
  • Paraguay River
  • Paraguay River

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