The capital of Peru: map, photo. What is the capital of Peru?

Lima - capital of Peru

Lima - capital of Peru

On the one hand, the capital of Peru - is not the bestplace for leisure travelers, as there could, machines and millions of people, on the other hand, the historical center of Lima is under UNESCO protection, is included in the famous list of world cultural heritage, and every curious tourist tends to witness it.

Patrimony of the capital

Known month and year of foundation of the futurethe official capital of an independent state - in January 1535, as well as its first resident - Francisco Pizarro. Under the leadership of the Spanish conquistador it was built outpost, from here went further conquest of the Peruvian territory.

After five years, the city acquired the status of the maincity ​​colonial powers, receiving a lot of compliments, like "loyal, adorable, beautiful city." Incidentally, Lima had another informal name - the City of Kings, since about 40 Viceroys have visited in power.

Since 1821 the city became the capital of an independent state began to grow rapidly, increasing the number of inhabitants and an area of ​​a geometric progression.

Stories of old Lima

Walking through the Old Town starts on the mainSquare, in the center - a monument to the founder and the old fountain, which is proud of every resident of the capital. It is this fountain is most often pictured travelers and guests. In the central square you can find: a symbol of independence - City Hall; Presidential palace; the main cathedral of the city.

Many tourists dream to get into the palacearchitectural complex to see the luxury furniture, carved mirrors and artistic masterpieces. The same is inviting for guests carved wooden balconies Cathedral.

Further route tourists chooseown - small streets diverge in all directions from the area and attract plunge into history. And the monuments that will be encountered along the way, belong to the golden age of Spanish architecture.

Lima Soul - the cathedral, consecrated in honor of St.Francis, or rather, not the cathedral, and stored in it relics. This church - monastery of the same name. Religious buildings are found in the capital of Peru, and in other places: tourists often visit the church of St. Augustine, Church of St. Peter and Church of the Holy Marcelo, which is considered one of the oldest in the capital.

Not less attention should be paid and other areas of the main city of Peru, preserving the unique atmosphere of the old town.


  • Lima - capital of Peru
  • Lima - capital of Peru
  • Lima - capital of Peru
  • Lima - capital of Peru

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