Airport in Cebu: diagram photo. How to get to Cebu airport

Airport in Cebu

Airport in Cebu

The second most important Filipino AirportIt serves the city of Cebu. It is located in Lapu-Lapu, about 40 kilometers from the center of Cebu. Every year served more than 6 million passengers. Despite the fact that the airport is inferior in importance Manila airport, it is more popular among tourists. Since Manila airport can not always qualitatively serve their guests.
Cebu Airport has one runwaystrip, its length is 3300 meters. From the airport is working about 20 airlines that serve flights to Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hong Kong and other cities.


The history of the airport in Cebu starts with 1956, when the US Air Force runway was built, which served as an emergency for the bombers.
After the Vietnam War, the airport beganused for civilian purposes, in the mid-60s began to be made from this first civilian flights. A little later in the Cebu airport received international status.
In 2008 it was allocated more than $ 6 million for large-scale expansion of the airport - the improvement of the current structures, and the construction of a new passenger terminal, etc.


Cebu Airport offers all the necessary services on the road. There are cafes and restaurants, ATMs, currency exchange, post office, etc.
Airport staff quite friendly. It is said that tourists from Russia, arrived in the country up to 30 days, may be present in its territory without a visa.
Also, the airport offers a small shopping area, where you can buy various goods.
For Business Class passengers have a separate waiting room. If necessary, guests can contact the airport infirmary, or buy the necessary medicines in a pharmacy.

Getting there

From the airport to the city can be reached in a fewways. Unfortunately, buses do not differ Philippine punctuality, regularity of flights are sometimes broken, but still on the bus, you can reach the city center.
Also, the city is always possible to take a taxi.

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  • Airport in Cebu
  • Airport in Cebu

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