The streets of Krakow - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Krakow

Krakow Streets

Krakow Streets

One of Europe's most beautiful cities is consideredKrakow - the cultural capital of Poland. Each year it hosts more than 10 million. Visitors. Indeed, so eager to escape from the everyday and take a stroll through the narrow streets of cobblestone. Krakow's streets have their own mystique. Small arches and patios hide very interesting places that are worth seeing at least once in life. Any tourist can enjoy a drink at the local coffee shop and listen to emotional violin melody.

Besides a large number of attractions, Krakow has two main streets - Florian and Galway City.

Florianska street

It is located in the old part of the city, beginsfrom Florian's Gate. Once it was the old entrance to Krakow. In this place you can see one of the eight defensive towers, which survives to this day.

Throughout its existence,Florianska street changes its appearance more than once. In the old days there were built home in the Gothic style. they were later rebuilt. That is why buildings differ unusual architecture and share grace.

Virtually every building which is constructed onFlorianska street, has a unique past. For example, a cafe "Yama Michalik" - the owner of a small pastry shop had a habit of giving their names interesting desserts. Thus, over time, the cafe has become a favorite meeting place for creative people.

Grodzka street

A leisurely stroll through the old streets of the city, you can enjoy views of beautiful buildings, cozy houses, churches, parks. As a result of historical events, some temples were destroyed.

Grodzka Street was once a very narrow. However, after the fire, which occurred in 1850, everything changed. Street extended than completely changed her appearance.

Street originates from the Market Square. Most of the houses in it, belongs to the monuments of architecture.

Photos of Krakow streets

  • Krakow Streets
  • Krakow Streets
  • Krakow Streets

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