Areas of Warsaw - the name, description, photo parts of Warsaw, where to stay tourists

Areas of Warsaw

Areas of Warsaw

Districts Warsaw (their 18) are shown on the map Polishcapital - familiarity with them begged the process of moving through the city. By areas include Warsaw Wola, Mokotów, Śródmieście, Wesola, Wilanów, Wavre, Praga-Północ, Praga-Południe, białołęka, Hunting, Żoliborz, Vlokh, Rembertów, Ursus, targówek, Bemowo, Bielany, Ursynów.

Description of the main areas and attractions

  • Will: here you can visit the Railway Museum, examine a fragment of the ghetto wall (Hay Street), mansions and Boguslavsky Biernacki, as well as churches of different denominations. The park Mochidlo in summer travelers will be able to relax on the shore of one of the 4 pools or go fishing, and their children - to have fun on the playground.
  • Wilanow: interesting tour through Wilanów Palace (attention guests deserve a visit museums, rooms of King Jan III Sobieski and galleries with exhibits of Polish painting, moreover, you can stroll in the garden and relax on the lawn with a fountain), the church of St. Elizabeth and Anne.
  • Ursynow: there are organized excursions to the National Park.
  • Sródmiescie: tourists are recommended to explore the Barbican, the Presidential Palace, a monument to Nicholas Copernicus, the church of St. Martin and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (recommended to visit on a regular ongoing organ concerts), as well as walk through the Old Town's Market, Castle Square, where the Royal Castle (walk on it the halls, the decoration of which are sculptures and paintings; on Sundays - free entry) and Sigismund's column, and the park Łazienki park, which is Belvedere palace (its purpose - conducting ceremonies and diplomatic meetings), greenhouses (New open a restaurant "Belvedere" and winter garden) and an amphitheater (a auditorium, decorated with statues, situated near the pond).
  • Bielany: interesting area of ​​forest complexes (Belyanskiy Mlochinsky and forests), the fort remains, Camaldolese monastery complex of buildings (it should go up to the observation deck located nearby - from here you can admire the Vistula).

Where to stay tourists

To be closer to the main historical and architectural monuments, as well as shops and restaurants, it makes sense for travelers to book hotels near Śródmieście and Wola (city center).

If your travel budget is limited, you canstay (relatively inexpensive hotel - "Sofitel Warsaw Victoria") - in the vicinity of the street Krakowskie Przedmieście there are excellent public transport links, with the help of which will not be difficult to reach any part of the city. As for the entertainment in this part of Warsaw, there are restaurants, shops, and nightclubs, which means that there will always be what to do with himself.

Going to move on Warsaw and itssurrounding area by car? You might be interested in Hotels near Lazienki palace complex (it's easy to find a parking space and there is a large number of tourists).

Photos of Warsaw districts

  • Areas of Warsaw
  • Areas of Warsaw
  • Areas of Warsaw

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