Entertainment in Warsaw - photo. Amusement parks in Warsaw.

Entertainment in Warsaw

Entertainment in Warsaw

Entertainment in Warsaw - is to visit museums, poetry evenings, entertainment and shopping malls, music theaters, committing walks to historical places.

Amusement Parks in Warsaw

  • "Wodny Park": Visitors of this park will be happy hills located here, pools (there is an outdoor heated pool with water geysers and a waterfall) and water attractions, a Russian bath, a fitness center and health offices.
  • Rink "Torwar II": here you can go skating, go to large-scale exhibitions and grand concerts.
  • "Farma Iluzji": this amusement park, you can visit the "Cabin secrets" and "Tunnel of oblivion", see the well of infinity and flying crane, play with plastic balls, loose in the air, to spend time on the playground, in a wicker maze Gulf pirates with an artificial beach, palm trees, visit the farm with rabbits and a pony.

What kind of entertainment in Warsaw?

You - an adherent of unusual entertainment? Visit the roof of the Warsaw University Library - here you will find yourself in a 2-tiered garden with a variety of exotic plants grow. Here you will be able to stroll along the paved paths to admire the artificial pond and water cascades, sit on the benches.

On vacation in Warsaw is not superfluous to visitCopernicus Science Centre: here it is possible to take part in debates, discussions and seminars on scientific subjects, visit the multimedia planetarium, different zones (where you can touch the exhibits), as well as the physical and chemical laboratories, where visitors are held group classes (anyone can conduct experiments on their own). For example, in the center of the balls can be moved by thought, to carry out operations on mannequins, create tornadoes, try yourself as a test engineer. And you can go climbing on the equipped wall.

If you are attracted to night clubs, shop"Dekada" (restaurant is famous for interesting theme parties, a variety of daily music menu, disco, fresh American and European hits, which you can hear on the weekend) and "Tygmont" (here will appeal to fans of jazz, and a weekend here should come in who wants to ignite under the Latin American rhythms and r'n'b).

Activities for Children in Warsaw

Children are sure to be kept in the Warsaw Zoo: visiting the zoo, your kids will be able to not only see about 5000 animals (hippos, elephants, bears and others), but also have fun at the playground, visit the pavilions, where you can "communicate" with some animals and pet them.

In the capital of Poland will not have to miss anyone - guests are waiting for all sorts of entertainment.

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  • Entertainment in Warsaw
  • Entertainment in Warsaw
  • Entertainment in Warsaw

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