Viewpoints Warsaw. List of the best viewing points in Warsaw

Viewpoints Warsaw

Viewpoints Warsaw

In your plans to the commission on the riseviewing platforms Warsaw? You will be able to enjoy a different perspective of the Palace and the Market Square, the embankment of the Vistula, the Presidential and Wilanów Palace Ujazdowski Castle and other objects.

Palace of Culture and Science

The height of the building with a spire - more than 230m; it has one of the best lookouts, located on the 30th floor (height - 110 meters) - from here guests can admire panoramic views of Warsaw. In addition, interested persons can visit a café and exhibitions held here. Useful information: mode of operation are from 09:00 to 18:00; the cost of the usual ticket - 20 (when dialing a group of 10 people, the ticket will cost 12 PLN), and grace - 14 zlotys.

How to get there? Here you dovezut bus number 160, 109, 227, 151 (address: Plac Defilad; website:

The bell tower of the church of St. Anne

To climb the tower, performing the role ofviewing platform, you need to overcome the way up to 150 degrees - hence appear before travelers from a height of not only the Old Town, but also more distant places. If desired, you can come to church for the sake of attending a concert of organ music. Useful information: In May and October, you can make the rise from 10: 00-21-22: 00 at a different time - 18:00; beneficiaries pay for the ticket 4, and all the rest - 5 zlotys; wishing to use the site for a review as a location for photo session, will pay for this service - 100 PLN.

Address: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 68; Website:

Warsaw Uprising Museum Tower

Visitors are attracted not only to the museum exposition(It should be a walk in the thematic rooms, separated by taking into account the chronology of events; there is a special room for children where they will be able to try on the role of the postman, nurse or scout), and a 32-meter high observation tower, from where you can see objects that are close to the museum bird's-eye. Ticket price - 18 zł / normal 14 PLN / discount.

Address: ul. Grzybowska 79

University of Warsaw Library

Famous for its garden (a member of the lower and upperparts, which are connected by cascades): you can relax surrounded by green plants in the mini-park and visit the terrace with a viewing platform (hence will be able to see Warsaw, Vistula, Świętokrzyski Bridge). Address: ul. Dobra 55/66 (entrance to the garden - free, open to the public until 20:00, in the rest of the time from May to September - 18:00).

Gnojna Gora

Observation deck will be able to find at the top of the mountain - hence the visible and part of the Vistula in Warsaw on its right bank. Address: ul. Brzozowa, Stare Miasto.

Admire the views of the Polish capital of Warsaw, guests will be able, having risen to the highest natural point (height - 75 m) Warsaw ( "Szczesliwice", ul Drawska 22.).


  • Viewpoints Warsaw
  • Viewpoints Warsaw
  • Viewpoints Warsaw

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