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Tours in Warsaw

Tours in Warsaw

The Polish capital city is familiar to Russian tourists stilla swashbuckling nineties when the city and its environs rushed first signs of developing in our free trade country. Large plaid bags were the main signs of the then travelers. Today tours to Warsaw fans bought eternal European values ​​of good and lovers of museums and historic urban areas and their luggage is a stylish and elegant bags backpacks.

History and geography

The name of the town, according to its residents,It comes from the merger of the names of the fisherman Vars, why marrying a mermaid on the Sava. Was it real or just a great originals of Warsaw, history is silent, but the city has long been a symbol is a mermaid. Its image adorns the coat of arms of the capital, and its stone statue welcomes all participants of tours to Warsaw at the Market Square.
The city began in the tenth century, with a few fishingsettlements on the Vistula, and in the XVI century, King Sigismund proclaimed his country's capital. Warsaw was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War and rebuilt after the end of hostilities. Its historic center is included in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Briefly about the importance

  • Moderate continental climate in Polishcapital guarantee its residents and visitors a soft warm winter and quite humid long summer. In the middle of January the temperature rarely drops below -15, but steady snow cover is regular. In the summer heat can be as high as 30, and most rain falls in July.
  • The most favorable season for tours to Warsaw - mid-spring. At this time, rainfall is unlikely, and the air temperature allows long walks on the Warsaw attractions.
  • Warsaw Airport is named after the great Polishcomposer Frederic Chopin. Travel time from the Russian capital is just over two hours. Go on a tour to Poland is possible and on a train that goes the distance between Moscow and Warsaw for 17.5 hours.
  • Getting around the city participating tours to Warsawpreferred by tram or subway. Bus routes are also quite convenient for travelers. Stops are transport schedules, and tickets for it are purchased from the driver or in special kiosks. Travel documents valid for all transport and should be punched at the entrance.

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  • Tours in Warsaw
  • Tours in Warsaw

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