Beaches Poland: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Poland

Poland Beaches

Poland Beaches

Poland is located on the Baltic coast,has lasted more than five hundred kilometers, is the longest coastline in Europe. Sand dunes and high cliffs form a picturesque landscape of nature. All the resorts are located along the Polish Baltic Sea, there are about six hundred. Beaches Poland combine wellness and beach holidays. The air is saturated with iodine, and a mud bath great to add to you strength and recharge your batteries.

Seaside resorts in Poland

These resorts are good for those who are not very fond ofheat. Here, even in the high season not crowded, so that one can enjoy in full the peace and quiet. The swimming season opens in June, but the sea is warming up in July. Even in August water temperature does not rise above 20 degrees Celsius with a plus sign.

Unsafe makes bathing algal blooms,which happens in Gdansk and Gdynia. But this necessarily report information stands, and you can enjoy your holiday in the neighboring areas of the sea. Around the stretches of Gdansk coast, where a lot of small towns-resorts. In Poland the best to go on holiday to those who do not like the heat, as well as couples with children.

Here is the list of cities-resorts, where you will find the best sandy beaches in Poland:

  • Gdansk - the oldest city in the country and a major port.
  • Gdynia - a major port of the Baltic Sea, appeared on the site of the village of fishermen with the end of the First World War.
  • Krynica Morska - the popular tourist resort, located on the Vistula Spit, pine and oak woods around create a special romantic atmosphere.
  • Loeb - a small fishing village, just recently transformed into the center of a beach holiday. The sloping entrance to the sea and crystal clear waters provide a safe vacation with children.
  • Sopot - Luxury Resort, is considered the safest in terms of families with children. Excellent infrastructure, a lot of hotels.
  • Ustka- youngest resort town in the middle of the Baltic Sea coast.

So, if you do not like the heat, the more appropriate rest than on the beaches in Poland, you will not find.

Poland Photos beaches

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