The cost of living in Poland

The cost of living in Poland

The cost of living in Poland

A small European country, located on thecrossroads of trade routes, knows how to keep the tourist, he opened their treasures and attractions. The cost of living in Poland is not so great, especially in comparison with its western neighbors, which is an important factor for many travelers make a stop here.

What price a secret?

We can not disclose the amount that would be required touristfor accommodation expenses. This index is composed of many factors, including - at the level and number of stars on the front, the number of days stay. Even the location of the hotel will play a big role. The closer to the historical center, the higher the cost. Indeed, in this case the tourist will immediately get to the event center. Farther away from the old quarter, prices are lower than in the same housing. But the tourist problem, how to get to the center and back in the evening or at night.

It is clear that there is a difference between the price of accommodation andapartments in Warsaw, in the main tourist capital of the country - Krakow or Poznan, Poland situated far from the center. The three cities that provide the most low-cost housing:

  • Gniezno, located near Gdansk;
  • Biala Podlaska, focused on Belarus, not very rich tourist;
  • Elk, not having valuable tourist sites.

Krakow hotels offer accommodation for the price of 50up to $ 200 per night, about the same cost apartments in the old city with the developed infrastructure and numerous attractions.

In Biala Podlaska and Gniezno number can be found onper person in a 4 * hotel for 60 USD., the same room in 3 * hotel will cost $ 20., but the entertainment and the order of magnitude smaller than in Krakow or capital. Apartments in Elk at a cost equal to the number in a 3 * hotel in Biala Polyaske.

Polish hotels on the Baltic coast, as a rule, more expensive - single rooms below $ 50 is hard to find..

At the same time, Statistics relentlessly shows that the cost of housing in Poland is much lower than in neighboring states.

Polish hotel

In this country, a popularvarious categories of tourists, there is a well-developed hotel base. Here you can find hotels from 1 * to 5 *, and the last level is consistent with international rules and standards.

There are modern, newly built luxuryhotels and small hotel, located in historic buildings in the historic center of a town. Such places to stay can be found in Torun and Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk.

The most interesting places

The leader in the list of Krakow, the former capitalstate, a city rich in historical sites, ancient churches, architectural masterpieces. It has its own unique atmosphere, and tourists visiting Krakow once, be sure to come back for a new portion of impressions.

The capital of the country, the beautiful Warsaw wasIt destroyed during the last war. The city rebuilt, but many monuments and old houses have been lost forever. Remains of former greatness and reconstructed buildings can be seen in the old part of the capital. Interest tourists cause the Chopin Museum, the Royal Route, Wilanów Palace.


  • The cost of living in Poland
  • The cost of living in Poland
  • The cost of living in Poland

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