Areas of Wroclaw - the name, description, photos Wroclaw areas where tourists stay

Areas of Wroclaw

Areas of Wroclaw

Areas of Wroclaw, according to the map, share capital of Lower Silesia into five parts: these areas are assigned the following names - Śródmieście, Stare Miasto, Krzyki, factory, IPN field.

Description of the main areas of Wroclaw

  • Old city: its main attractions - Raclawice Panorama (presented in the form of artistic paintings depicting the battle), Church of St. Mary Magdalene (in this Gothic church will be able to admire the relief motifs as griffons and scenes from the childhood of Jesus Christ and the ascent of the tower, from where you can make beautiful pictures, will cost 5 PLN), Market Square (it has sheltered the town hall with astronomical clock, a museum and a small restaurant "Piwnica Świdnicka"), Bogdan fountain (this glass structure established in honor of the first Polish president), Shopping malls (the hotel offers guests otovaritsya necessary goods) home Yasya (known art workshop) and Malgosi (a museum of gnomes), the church of St. Elizabeth (the height of its tower - over 80 meters; the top, from where you can admire the panorama of the city, a staircase), Wroclaw University (his furniture is made in the Baroque style) Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (13th century; spiers height - about 100 meters; pay attention to the portico with the image of Romanesque lion).
  • Krzyki: as part of excursions offered wishing to go to the cemetery of Soviet Officers (main entrance welcome visitors 2 guns and 2 side entrances - 4 tanks).

On vacation is recommended to visit in WroclawRoyal Palace (a museum with 4 exposures, after visiting guests invited to the Baroque garden, where you can relax, taking a cup of coffee), Zoo (in the territory of this green corner is home to over 7,000 animals, and also houses the Butterfly House, the House of monkeys, Afrikarium dedicated to water world of the African continent), the old city jail building (then located the institute of archeology and ethnology, and in the basement - the pub "Pracoffnia"; on the walls you can still see carved prisoners inscriptions near the prison is to find the little gnome, dragged metal core).

Where to stay tourists (list of places)?

Interested budget funds placement? The Stare Miasto is worth paying attention to hostels Mo Ho SHostel (a kitchen with a coffee machine) and Hostel Piaskowy (a shared living room with a home theater system). It is worth noting that a stay in the hotels of the Old Town, you will be able to carry out a walk to the sights of Wroclaw.

You may want to stay in near the Town Hall- A good choice here can be Centrum Hostel (2-bed room cost 100 zloty). Choose from the hotel's windows to admire the Market Square? Stay at the Art Hotel (the approximate cost of the 2-bedded rooms - 310 PLN).

From the hotel district Sródmiescie tourists may be interested in "Cilantro" (guests are pampered rich breakfast, close to shops and restaurants are open, and can be reached in 10 minutes to the train / railway station).

Photos Wrocław areas

  • Areas of Wroclaw
  • Areas of Wroclaw
  • Areas of Wroclaw

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