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Education in Poland

Education in Poland

Education in Poland is available for residents of the European Union, as well as for students from other countries. The benefits of education in Poland:

  • Reasonable tuition fees;
  • Universities offer students the opportunity to study more than 200 faculties;
  • Schools provide students with Poland various benefits and discounts;
  • In training you can come under government programs for the exchange of students;
  • Education can go in Polish or English;
  • The Polish university can proceed, after graduating from high school education;
  • Students have the right to legally work while studying;
  • After completing the program, students have the opportunity to find a job in Poland, without receiving a work permit;
  • Diploma of Polish universities is recognized in all European countries and does not require additional verification.

Education in Poland for foreign students

Polish higher education system includes2 level - undergraduate and graduate. So, having studied at the bachelor 3 years, can continue their education in graduate (2 years in Poland and 1.5 in the English language).

Classes at universities are conducted in Polish(Russians easily master it, as the Polish language belongs to the Slavic group). And those who do not know the language, can go on language courses. But in this case, the entire first semester the student will study only the Polish language, and training itself will begin later. Knowledge of the Polish language is necessary for those who want to learn for free. But those who want to learn English can enroll in a paid department.

Most Polish universities do not requirepassing exams and testing language skills. But training in some specialties require passing the entrance test and the presentation of a certificate of language.

To enroll in a Polish university, you must:

  • Provide a high school diploma;
  • Provide a certificate which confirms the ownership of the Polish language or results passed TOEFL / IELTS test (for those who are going to be taught in English);
  • Take the exam and pass the competitive selection (for those who are going to take possession of the medical profession or creative);
  • Provide a medical certificate.

Educated in Poland, you will get your hands on the prestigious university diploma and to ensure a decent future with the ability to start a career in any country.

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