Rest in Poland in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Poland in March

Rest in Poland in March

Rest in Poland in March

Poland - so close and familiar, yet can give a lot of pleasant discoveries even traveler with the experience, not to mention beginners, yet the packaging bags.

Rest in Poland in March will be linked, rather, to thesaturated cognitive excursions. Before the opening of the beach season still far away, and the ski is already coming to an end. But the most stubborn skiers can it continue in Zakopane (here and ride the mountains yes of April).

Weather conditions in Poland in March

Spring comes early to Poland. And yet in the vast Russian territories dank, damp, and in some places there is snow on Polish soil have felt the breath of warm days.

The climate is temperate, influenced himprovided, of course, has the Baltic. The weather in March is ambiguous, but changing for the better every day. The average ambient temperature in the region of indices +4 ° C. In the capital warmer.

Since March refers to the off-season, tourists traveling in one of the cities in Poland, it is necessary to be prepared for any weather.

Winter fun continues

Zakopane - the most famous Polish city, specializing in skiing. Perfect for winter holidays the whole family, there are trails, intended only for the youngest skiers.

The list of Polish ski resorts includedabout 10 systems, each of which has its own features and highlights. Kasprowy top class expects pro skiers Gabulavka pleases funicular and Nosal best slopes.

Tatra Entertainment

Besides the actual tracks, in the southern outskirtsZakopane begins Tatra National Park - nice place for the spring holidays. In the park there is also the local nature museum, which will tell about all the representatives of the flora and local fauna, even if the tourists do not get to see them in their natural form.

Skiers are not alien to the culture will find muchgood museums, the most important of them - the Tatra Museum. Local exotica presented in Chocholow village where preserved old wooden houses mountaineers, and in the neighboring Bukovina Tatrzańska you can see the most beautiful panorama mountain landscape. City Rabka-Zdroj awaits young visitors to walk in the family holiday park.

Women's Day

Oddly, the Poles, too, supported the initiative of the great revolutionaries of the past century, Clara Zetkin. But only against women by joining the celebration of the Day on 8 March.

The tradition is preserved in the modern world: flowers, cute gifts, smiles and greetings. If tourists come to Poland to friends or relatives, should take care of the small gifts.

Photos recreation in Poland

  • Rest in Poland in March
  • Rest in Poland in March

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