Independent travel to Poland

Independently Poland

Independently Poland

European Poland is increasingly becoming the subject ofattention of Russian tourists. A small state is capable of many things - ancient castles and the Baltic beaches, ski resorts and nature reserves, historical sites and the "flea" markets - any traveler will find here an interesting and useful exercise on holiday or vacation. Independently sent to Poland by plane, train or even bus: live in Warsaw and with transfer - in Krakow.

entry formalities

To visit the State Russian citizensSchengen visa is required sample. A set of documents is standard for all countries of the European Union, but those traveling alone to Poland will have to document the payment of at least half the cost of the hotel during your stay.

Zloty and spending

The economy does not fit allrequirements of the European Central Bank, but because the main currency of Poland is Polish zloty remains. Convert Euros or dollars a tourist can in any branch of the bank or exchange office. At the airport, at the train station or at the exchange rate is not the most profitable.

  • Going alone to Poland, haveselect and book a hotel. Prices for the cheapest rooms in hostels start at $ 15 for two. Bathroom in such hotels overall. For $ 25, you can stay in a hostel, where to guests - a small kitchen with everything you need to prepare breakfast or lunch. Rooms with private bathroom are $ 40 in Warsaw and Krakow and is slightly cheaper - in the province.
  • Public transport in the country is representedbuses, minibuses, trolley buses and the underground in Warsaw. The fare depends on the mode of transport and the distance, but as a rule, can get away with 2-5 zł. Buy a pass for a day or a week. This will save both money and time.
  • A ticket on the express from the capital in Krakow will cost 110 zlotys. Normal train takes twice as long, but costs the same amount for less.
  • A plate of hot food in an inexpensive cafe is from 6 to 15 zlotys. The restaurants offer salads, 20, 25-30 and hot desserts for 10 zlotys.
  • If plans stay on their own in Poland includes visits to museums, be prepared to pay for the entrance fee of 5 to 15 zlotys.

Valuable observations

To avoid high taxes hoteliersoften underestimate stardom, and therefore an excellent two-star hotel can be, and the hostel has a chance to get a number of 3 * at a very nice price.


  • Independently Poland
  • Independently Poland

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