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The new territorial division of Poland was introducedin 1999 and since then the country's 16 provinces appear on the map. That is called the domain of the first level in Poland. Province are composed of poviats, of which there are 379. The territorial units of the third level - the municipality and the administrative map of the country for more than two thousand.

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The largest area among regionalState entities occupies a region of Poland is located in the center of the country. On the territory of the Mazowieckie province and home to the largest number of Poles - more than five million. The smallest area of ​​Poland region - Lubuskie, Świętokrzyskie and Silesia voivodship and the most numerically small - Podlasie and Opole.

Three local tourism whale

When planning a holiday in Poland, travelersusually choose one of three tourist destinations that can offer this European country. The first two depend on the season, but the third can be accessed at any time of the year and an excellent complement to any program in the winter and summer:

  • Three regions of Poland offer beach holiday onits well-equipped Baltic resorts. West Pomerania, Warmia-Pomeranian Mazurinskoe and have access to the sea and the resorts in these areas have a high reputation in Western Europe. Main international fame Polish beach resort always gets Sopot, but also other city on the Baltic coast are worthy of the attention of travelers.
  • Polish ski resorts make a decentAustrian or Italian competition for a piece of equipment and infrastructure. They can not boast too complex slopes or significant differences of heights, but for beginners and intermediate level athletes Wisla and Szczyrk, Ustroń Zakopane and quite suitable as ideal venues for active winter holidays. The main point on the map where there are ski slopes - Silesia, Lesser Poland and Subcarpathian.
  • Excursion programs can be generous and dilutedActive winter holidays and lazy beach doing nothing. Medieval castles in Warsaw and Krakow, the imagination of fans of chivalry and Malborgskaya fortress in Pomerania, which served as the residence of the Master of the Teutonic Order, and all included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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