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Tours in Zakopane

Tours in Zakopane

The population of a small town in southern Poland is notmore than 30 thousand people, but with the onset of winter, the number of people increases here several times. The reason - the excellent ski slopes on the slopes of the Tatra mountains, equipped with the latest technology and designed for advanced skiers as well as for green beginners. However, trips to Zakopane in demand in the rest of the year, after hiking in the mountains, too, seem to be very exciting.

Choose yourself any

Total Zakopane opened ten skicomplexes, among which you can choose the track for skiing or hotel for every taste. The most popular sports center - Kasprowy Wierch, where prefer to ride strong athletes. Vertical drop here is almost a kilometer, and the length of the route comes to nine thousand meters.
The Gubałówka seek not only skiers, but alsosnowboarders. For those who like to shoot the breeze on the board things to do in Zakopane - this is an opportunity to hone skills in technically perfect halfpipe at Gubałówka.
Zakopane ski area quite scattered, andunified system of ski-pass does not exist, but the disadvantage is compensated by the pleasant prices and equipment rental, and ski lifts, and accommodation. All ski resorts have in their arsenal of snow guns and night lighting, and wishing to learn to stand on a slope on a board or skis can take collective or individual lessons from professional instructors.

Briefly about the importance

  • In the winter tours to Zakopane, bought mostlyskiers. The season for them begins in December and lasts until mid-spring. Weather this period predominates solar and thermometers fall below zero, as a rule, only at night. In summer, the weather in the area favored by a long pedestrian walks. The air is not warmed above 25, and rainfall are rare.
  • Begin tours in Zakopane at the airport in Warsaw. In the Polish capital should take the train to Krakow, from where depart buses to the ski edge.
  • Since the resort is not a system for ski-bus, you should choose a hotel in the vicinity of the slope on which it is to ride. As quickly as possible to reach the desired lift.
  • In the central part of the city for those who like a variety of entertainment for several years running a water park with different water attractions.


  • Tours in Zakopane
  • Tours in Zakopane

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