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Polish Traditions

Polish Traditions

The nearest European neighbor, Russia, PolandIt has become particularly popular place of pilgrimage in the dashing 90's. In Warsaw and border towns rushed thousands of "shuttles", selling, buying and changing variety of products. The first Russian businessmen are hardly interested in the Polish culture, but modern tourists are happy to pay attention to the architectural and historical sights of its old towns and interact with the locals to preserve the rich traditions of their ancestors.

Meet on clothes

Poles are very careful in everyday life and manners, but becausefirst impression when meeting - the most important thing. They will certainly add the prefix "pan" or "Mrs", referring to the other person, and not only names, but also to the office. With the tradition of the Polish ladies require to communicate with the same courtesy and respect. They should skip ahead to hold the door for them, to give way to transport and to pay compliments. An alien is behaving well, so as not to produce an unfavorable impression.

Zastol'nye orders

Poles like gatherings at the table and willinglyinvited guests and friends in their home. Traditional Polish cuisine - hearty and fairly heavy, so it is important to calculate the forces that try to praise and dessert. Residents of many cities in Poland and often talk about all sorts of diets, and each meal certainly preceded by a story about another newfangled power system.
Alcohol at the table happens, but not required. Most often it is beer or cocktails, but it is much more popular soft drinks, and tea or coffee usually offers direct to the doorstep.

Useful things

  • When going to a theater or a museum, dress for the occasion. Traditions of Poland suggests that such an event - it is a holiday, and therefore the output locals wear nice clothes.
  • In Poland, they are becoming more common in bicycles as a means of transportation. Managing rental car, be careful to cyclists and, if possible, give way to them.
  • The Poles are very religious, and therefore, planning a trip to the country should be taken into account holiday calendar. While many of them in Poland covered not only public institutions, but also museums, banks and shops.
  • Do not lift in conversations with the Polespolitical themes. Many of them are too hot and emotional in discussions of swinging of the past, but because the conversation can take an undesirable turn.


  • Polish Traditions
  • Polish Traditions

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