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Transport in Poland

Transport in Poland

Transport in Poland represented a developed road and water network. In addition, the country has several seaports and international airports.

Popular modes of transport in Poland

  • Urban transport: This includes buses (after 23:00 on routes out night buses, tickets for which cost 3-4 times more expensive), Metro (available in Warsaw), trams. When planting in the transport ticket must be activated by using the electronic punch, and the subway - to activate the card in such devices (they are located before the exit to the platform). It is worth noting that tickets for one city can not ride in the other (they are not valid) and Baggage need to purchase an additional ticket. Important: in order to avoid paying heavy fines should not be practiced ticketless travel - inspectors do not wear uniforms (they have a special license) and before to check availability, blocking devices for their composting. In suburban routes can be found taxis, fare which costs even cheaper than buses.
  • Air transport: domestic transportation provides low-cost company and a wholly owned subsidiary Centralwings LOT Polish Airlines - Eurolot.
  • Rail transport: for travel on trains such as Ex, EC and IC can get a weekend ticket (it includes unlimited travel from 6 pm Friday until 00:00 on Sunday).


Call the taxi on a single number - 919 orby number any other taxi service (provide 5-10% discount), but you can take a taxi and on specially equipped parking lots. Tipping is not customary to leave the drivers, but when you pay the amount on the meter can be slightly rounded in a big way.

Car rent

To rent a car (more profitable to make it throughInternet) you need to be older than 21-23 years old, have an international driver's license and credit cards (you can leave a cash deposit of 350 euros).

During the day on the roads of settlementsYou can move (right-hand movement in the country) at speeds up to 50 km / h (5 am), at night (11 pm) - 80 km / h. Since some tracks paid, then they need to pay back to the track at the entrance in cash or by credit card.

Park can only be resolved in thisplaces, and it is advisable to ascertain whether this is a car park free of charge or not (this will indicate special characters). Pay parking is valet or by machine. That you are not fined 70 euros, paid voucher is a cross between a windshield.

In no event it is impossible to drive a car in a state ofdrunk: you can be fined, if more than 0.2 mg of alcohol per 1 liter of blood is found in the blood or arrested, if that figure will exceed more than 0.5 mg.

In Poland, thanks to the developed transport infrastructure, we can reach not only all parts of this, but also hit other countries.


  • Transport in Poland
  • Transport in Poland
  • Transport in Poland

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