Lisbon Beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in Lisbon (Portugal)

Beaches in Lisbon

Beaches in Lisbon

The capital of Portugal is the river, which atfor some reason decided not to swim. But to see why residents and visitors prefer to dabble in Lisbon ocean waves easily. Firstly, the river in the city may not be sufficiently clear, and secondly, near the Atlantic salt water, even the air is different. And so it happened that the Lisbon beaches are not located in the city and in the suburbs. They are called the Lisbon Riviera resorts, go to them 15-20 minutes from the capital. This resort area, stretching from Cape Rock to the mouth of the Tagus River - the perfect choice for those who are equally interested in relaxing on the beach and viewing ancient monuments and culture. So, the best sandy beaches of Lisbon.


In Carcavelos town located just 15 km from Lisbon, created excellent conditions for beach holidays and for playing golf.


This small town is extremely romantic. It has a striking beauty and is so distinctive that it brought to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, in addition to a beach holiday, you can enjoy the view of ancient castles and palaces, to get acquainted with the ancient wine-making traditions. Even the tram line, and that was a real museum, with exhibits from the current: for it go vintage trams. These cabins were built over a hundred years ago, and they fled from the town to the sea. And to Cape Roca here buses.


This is one of the most beautiful resorts in the vicinityLisbon Riviera, with its luxurious villas. This is not only good beaches, where crowded and fun in town yet nightlife. In addition to high-end luxury hotels, there still have great golf courses. Lovers of risk and gambling waiting largest casino in the Old World. There is also an airfield.


This is a beautiful vibrant city, which has aa rich selection of both beach and nightlife. Cascais fond of European aristocracy. Maybe that's why he became a center for sailing. Here even competitions in windsurfing international level. Naturally, there are well-maintained marina where all the infrastructure is designed for lovers of sailing.

Costa da Caparica

It's not even the town, but a real fishingvillage with its characteristic flavor. This is a good family vacation. Being in such a place and does not enjoy the dishes of the local cuisine - this is to miss the chance to enjoy a good fish dishes, especially fish stew "kaldeyradash".

Great time to travel to Lisbon Riviera - from May to October.

Photos Lisbon beaches

  • Beaches in Lisbon
  • Beaches in Lisbon
  • Beaches in Lisbon
  • Beaches in Lisbon

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