Lisbon 1 day: where to go in Lisbon

Lisbon 1 day

Lisbon 1 day

The capital of Portugal is not only the largest citycountry, but also its most important port. Its history goes back at least two millennia, but because there are buildings in Lisbon many different eras and architectural styles. But surprising is that they are at the same time in harmony with each other, creating a unique image of the old city. See Lisbon for 1 day and try to figure out how he manages to be so comfortable and strict at the same time - not an easy task.

On the banks of Mar de Paglia

Nestled on the shores of the ocean bay, Lisbonstretched for many kilometers and urban landscapes might look like and how picturesque huts of fishermen near the coast, and a modern high-rise in downtown areas.
The heart of old Lisbon, considered the Holy CastleGeorge. The fortress is visible from anywhere in the city, thanks to its location on top of a hill. According to historians, this place served as a fortified area still under the Romans, and then transferred to the Moors, from whom he got the Crusaders at the beginning of the XII century. Then, the castle served as the residence of many generations of Portuguese monarchs.
Lisbon began on the slopes of the castle hill,down to the river, braided in artful pattern of ancient narrow streets, which today is so pleasant to wander around at any time of the year. Even being in Lisbon for a day, you can feel his charm, admire the colorful ceramic tiles on the walls and find out what azulezhush technique in which the panels are made - a typical Portuguese folk craft.

Museum on the edge of the ocean

Located on the Atlantic coast of the Gulf,Lisbon offers its guests to visit the Maritime Museum, which contains unique exhibits about the legendary past of Portugal. The former one of the most influential world powers, the country has a rich history of development of the seas and oceans, and the discovery of new lands. If time and tour "Lisbon 1 day" will seem rich enough, it makes sense to pay attention to other urban Exposure:

  • Gulbenkian Museum with a collection of paintings and sculptural masterpieces.
  • National Museum of Ancient Art, which houses a magnificent canvas Bosch "The Temptation of St. Anthony".
  • Museum azulezhush for those who are fascinated byurban facades and colorful ceramic panels. Collection of the tiles does not leave anyone indifferent under the roof of the museum and souvenir shop after his visit to become the next item in the inspection plan of Lisbon for 1 day.


  • Lisbon 1 day
  • Lisbon 1 day

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