New Year's Eve in Lisbon - photo. Meeting in Lisbon New Year (Portugal) 2016

New Year's Eve in Lisbon

New Year's Eve in Lisbon

Want to see the ritual burning of stuffed animals,make a dozen desires, rehearse the national anthem and plenty nadegustirovatsya Madeira and port? If you answered "yes" to all questions, your best bet is to go to celebrate New Year in Lisbon. The capital of Portugal could not be more in other European cities for those who prefer to create their own rules and traditions.

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Every self-respecting Lisbon lord 31December ... washes windows. The symbol of the coming update - clean windows on the world and the grapes. This grape is becoming the main dish on the Portuguese table. Since the beginning of the battle chimes they will have to eat the berries per hit while making wishes. Each of them is sure to come true, but because the beautiful custom of no neglect.
Youth knitting straw effigies elderly andritually burns them in the square. This custom has its roots in the distant past, and with the help of people ask God for the update. Together with straw burned in trouble and adversity, and the coming New Year's Eve in Lisbon brings all the happiness and joy.

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On the main square of the city decorate the Christmas tree, which,Traditionally, it is one of the largest in the Old World. It is decorated with thousands of festive lights and light bulbs, and the rest of the cathedral and lit facades of houses, trams and trees. New capital is transformed and becomes a fabulous city.
At midnight the sky above Lisbon shinesfantastic fireworks display, which is accompanied by this artillery salute. Guns firing in honor of a prosperous future, and in omens Portuguese believe, like little children.

Photos of New Year celebrations in Lisbon

  • New Year's Eve in Lisbon
  • New Year's Eve in Lisbon

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