Taxis in Lisbon - price, order. How much is a taxi in Lisbon

Taxis in Lisbon

Taxis in Lisbon

Taxis in Lisbon - cars black and green or beige coloring, which are installed on the roof light panels in the cabin - taxis, and on the front - the price list with the tariffs.

Taxi services in Lisbon

Stop the machine can be on the road show of handsor find a car on the parking-equipped (if a taxi is lit green light, it means that it is occupied). These parking lots are located close to shopping centers, railway stations and in places where taxi services are most in demand. It is worth noting that you can not get into any favorite car - you need to sit in the one to which my turn to take passengers.

To carry out the order for the supply of the machine is possible,turning into one taxi service call: + (351) 707 277 277. And you can call one of the well-known taxi companies: Teletaxis: 218 111 100; Coop Taxis (only accepts cash and card - Visa, Master Card, American Express): 217 932 756 (you can send sms to number 4901); Radio Taxi: 219 362 113.

The cost of a taxi in Lisbon

You do not know how much is a taxi in Lisbon? To view the current tariffs will follwing information:

  • for a call on the phone to the cost of travelUpon purchase there are 0.9 euro (when you order, you can tell that you need a taxi for people with disabilities, or you need a car accommodating 5-8 people);
  • Planting will cost 2 euros and 1 km overcome just 2 euros;
  • travel at night (23:00 - 06:00) will increase your cost of travel by 20%;
  • for luggage and the pet will have to pay 1.6 euros / 1st place, and waiting will cost 15 euro / 1 hour.

As for bonuses, the passenger will have to pay for the use of toll roads and bridges.

On average, a trip through the city costs about 10-12 euros, and for example, a trip from the statue of Christ to the São Jorge Castle you will be asked to pay 9 euros.

If you purchase a prepaid vouchertariff-setting (for purchase head to the Information Centre of Lisbon), you can take a taxi which will take you in the direction of "Airport - the city center." Voucher whose action starts at 6 am and ends at 21:00, will cost you 16-27 euros (price to affect travel distance), and for a voucher, valid on weekends and public holidays and every day from 21: 00 to 06:00, you pay 19-33 euros.

Council: Make sure that at some point the driver will enable the counter - it should not do so at the time of greetings and loading of baggage, and when the car will begin to move in a way. Because drivers often turns out to be the date, it is advisable to have small bills (by law they are required to have a change from 20 euros).

It offers the capital of Portugal - buses, subways, cable railways, trams ... But if you are traveling in the company of two or more people, the more profitable and easier to move around in Lisbon at the local taxis.

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