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Tours in Lisbon

Tours in Lisbon

The coat of arms and flag of the Portuguese capital is shownsailboat on the sea waves. In this - the entire Lisbon, bustling port, whose name translates as "the blessed bay." The most western capital of the Old World, the city of fishermen and sailors attracted the attention of those who love freedom, wind and big wave. No wonder one of the main buyers of tours in Lisbon and the next beaches to it - surfers, for which the best way to achieve harmony - is to curb the ocean wave.

When the fly?

The Mediterranean climate in the capital of Portugaldependent on the Gulf Stream. Seasonal variations in temperature are very small, and if the summer it reaches 28 indicators in the winter - practically do not fall below + 15.Samye in Lisbon rainy winter months, and in July and August rainfall is minimal.

History and geography

Port of Lisbon dates back to the XIII century. He has always played an important role in the country's economy and its political development. From the capital of Portugal went ships with expeditions in search of new lands, and today the participants of tours in Lisbon can sail from its port in dozens of exciting cruises.
Destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, LisbonIt can not boast a large number of ancient architectural monuments. The oldest structure is the Moorish fortress of the Emir, the construction of which goes to the X century.

For the curious

A great way to enrich the knowledge of the history and culture of Portugal - visit during the tour in Lisbon all its museums. There are not many, but the exposure of each assembled with great love and knowledge of the case:

  • The Maritime Museum housed thousands of artifacts associated with the sea and navigation. The largest - the frigate "Fragata", moored on the River Tagus.
  • National Museum of Ancient Art gathered under its roof a thousand sculptures and paintings times XIV-XIX centuries. The most famous exhibits - works by Dürer and Bosch.
  • Oriental Museum The exposition shows the history of the colonization of Asia and spend Portuguese navigators.

Route number 28

It is under this number in the capital of PortugalThere is a tram, where participants tours in Lisbon can make a complete tour of the price of the ticket. No less exciting every journey on a city subway station, all of which are decorated in a special way the famous Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza.


  • Tours in Lisbon
  • Tours in Lisbon

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