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Transport in Lisbon

Transport in Lisbon

Nice is the capital of Portugal can notboast so many visitors each year taken as neighboring Spain. But Lisbon is also leaps and bounds is in a bright future of travel by developing a network of hotels, hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment and recreation.

This list covers transport in Lisbona special place, because of the level of development of important sectors of the economy to a large extent will depend on the income of companies, organizations performing services for the guests. The main means of transportation on the main town in Portugal are: Metro; trams; buses; funiculars (not quite the usual urban transport).

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The penalties are quite high, but becausePortuguese law-abiding citizens and guests of the capital to acquire the travel card. Fill can be through banks and post sales, ATMs and special machines, which are located in all the stations of the city. On the last point it should be remembered, because the weekend is not possible to recharge the card method other than the machine.


For tourists enacted transportcard, allowing to ride a favorite view, however, the time of their action is limited. After 60 minutes, you have to buy a new travel or go hiking.

There are a great option to extend the funtravel by public transport - buying travel map Lisboa Card (valid from 1 to 3 days). You can buy it in advance, via the Internet, and even get a discount. Such a magical travel, in addition to the possibility to use all public transport fleet of the city, provides free entrance to all the city's museums, as well as a planetarium and a zoo, for which special thanks to the tourist hears from her child. You can immediately take advantage of a tour by bus to ride on the old town by bus or tram.


Joy for tourists arriving by plane in Lisbon - now from the airport to the city can be reached by subway. By the way, the subway lines are laid mostly on the ground.

Different modes of transport in the capital operate ashours, and there are night buses running on 9 routes. Tram in Lisbon, for the most part little old, so they harmoniously look at the background of streets and squares that have a long history.

The city is located on different levels oflifts and cable cars, a journey which in itself is interesting for tourists. These special types of transport are the monuments of national importance, which means that you can ride on a cable car and get acquainted with yet another landmark of Lisbon.


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  • Transport in Lisbon
  • Transport in Lisbon

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