Bus tours to Portugal. The cost of bus tours through Portugal 2016

Bus tours to Portugal

Bus tours to Portugal

The best opportunity to see the most ancientEuropean cities, to evaluate the work of the greatest masters of art of painting, sculpture and architecture, familiar with stunning views - a bus tour to Portugal. This extraordinary country has long attracted curious foreigners not only in a stunning Lisbon - the city with intricate and controversial history, but also to other, no less beautiful Portuguese city. In Lisbon, you can enjoy walks through the magnificent old palaces and magnificent churches, and in Porto - excursions to the famous cathedral and original streets. Perhaps somewhere in the city of Tomar Templar called still kept the legendary Grail.

What do you see in Portugal

Portugal will surprise you not only an abundance ofunforgettable sights and magnificent nature. If you want to relax on the coast, to test himself in the march through the mountains or try to catch the Portuguese fish - so you better focus on a more leisurely tours that include fewer trips. Of course, during this tour you will not only enjoy the nature of Portugal, but also get acquainted with the flavor of local cuisine. Fine Portuguese fish dishes to try every tourist. Here you will find traditional beach activities, will be able to dive with scuba diving or take a boat trip on a boat or ship. If you visit the beautiful famous island of Madeira, you try unique sweets that make only here from molasses. Shoppers will find in Portugal a number of large stores with low prices, and wine lovers be sure to try the local alcohol production.

Features and details of tours

Excursions to Portugal last on averagefrom seven to fifteen days, and the cost depends not only on the duration, but also on the demands put forward by the tourist. Of course, if you are satisfied with three-star hotels, you will save on the two stars and leave some money on entertainment and delights of Portuguese cuisine.

Cost of tours varies between 700-1000 euros, and it includes the following:

  1. Professional guide service that accompanies you throughout the journey;
  2. hotel accommodation with breakfast;
  3. sometimes - medical insurance.

for visa services, fuel surcharge, paymenttours and the insurance cancellation expenses are paid separately. Also, the tourist gets separately and independently pays a train ticket to Brest, from where begins a journey on a comfortable bus with all amenities. You are guaranteed a very interesting, absolutely safe and very memorable trip.

Photos of bus tours in Portugal

  • Bus tours to Portugal
  • Bus tours to Portugal
  • Bus tours to Portugal

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