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Education in Portugal

Education in Portugal

Those who choose to study in Portugal,will open up a huge opportunity: they will receive the best European education, will get acquainted with the ancient culture, traditions and customs of the "other world."

Getting an education in Portugal has the following advantages:

  • The high level of education;
  • The ability to obtain Portuguese residence permit and visa-free travel to the EU;
  • Reasonable tuition fees;
  • Diploma obtained in a Portuguese university has international status.

Higher education in Portugal

Get a diploma of higher education can be in universities, polytechnics and higher schools and higher institutions (teaching language - Portuguese).

The High schools and colleges, students learnnatural sciences, fine and applied arts, business and management, forestry and agriculture, nursing, engineering. only a bachelor's degree can be obtained in such institutions. Those who wish to become a master or doctor and get the relevant degree should go to university.

Education at the University takes 4-6 years. The curriculum is divided into three stages: the first stage, students receive a bachelor's degree. In the second stage they are engaged in practical studies, and after graduation receive a master's degree. The third step is to pass the exams and defend a thesis, after which graduates receive a diploma of the doctor.

To enroll in the Portuguese university, you need tosecondary education and to pass entrance exams: consurso nacional (in public schools) or consurso local (private institutions).

To receive a prestigious job in the specialtyand a decent salary, enough to have a bachelor's degree, so most of the students do not seek to overcome the last stage of training - a doctorate. To engage in further research, you need to pass a special exam at increasing (it is difficult). But those who get it, will be able to easily find a job and not their specialty. For example, the finished Philology University and received his doctorate degree, you can work as a lawyer, and it is enough to pass on the increase in the monthly courses, and do not do the second university.

International students must be proficient in the Portuguese language. However, some universities offer before entering pass a special language course.

Working while studying

The students have the right to look for jobs (20 hours per week), and on vacation - work all day.

Going to Portugal for the acquisition of knowledge, you can be sure that you get a quality and prestigious education.

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