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Portugal Features

Portugal Features

Once the most western tip of Europe waslaunching pad for explorers, tourists, look for the road to India. It should be noted that the national characteristics of Portugal have formed due to various peoples inhabiting the local territories. Therefore, the tradition and culture of the north and south of Portugal are quite different from each other.

Portuguese national costume

Each region of Portugal is ready to submit itsTraditional suit for men and women, and the specialist will be able to determine exactly how it relates to the area. Women's traditional clothing consists of the following elements:

  • plaid or striped skirt;
  • snow-white blouse, having a mandatory long sleeve;
  • apron with bright patterns.

The men - a shirt, a tie belt, worn over her jacket, short pants with socks.

Faith and Religion

Most native Portuguese - rabidsupporters of the Catholic faith, so the crucifix or an image of the saints can be seen not very often only in a private home, and public places, even in the cafe or simply on the facade of the house.

Reverent attitude to the Catholic holidays -characteristic of the people of this country. Именно в Португалии выделяют не только Пасху, но и Страстную пятницу, а также праздник Святого Тела Господня. In addition, many of the saints are revered in the country, each of them also have their own special day of remembrance. In February or March carnival is held Tuesday, while mindless fun, but in fact the holiday lasts for several days.

The Portuguese holidays fun, spendtraditional rituals and ceremonies, organize musical performances and folk dancing, and the sky is painted with thousands of fireworks. Temples necessarily decorated with flowers.

Besides Catholics, there is in this country and supporters of other religions, such as Orthodox Christians, Jews, Protestants, people of other faiths.

Good neighbors

There is one feature of the Portuguese, whichbest remembered tourist. You can not compare the local population with the Spaniards, be offended. they are positive, but do not accept the comparison to its neighbors on the geographical map.

Despite the fact that the Spanish and Portugueselanguages ​​are close, have many common words, do not try to talk to the indigenous people of most western European countries in Spanish, it is better to use English.


  • Portugal Features
  • Portugal Features
  • Portugal Features

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