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Portugal Holidays

Portugal Holidays

The Portuguese just love to arrange holidays andgive them with all the passion. The reason serve a variety of days of commemoration of the saints who have this incredible set of people, pilgrimage, trade fairs and other festivals. Portugal holidays can not do without the deafening fireworks and national ceremonies.

Holy Week

The religious center of Portugal is Braga. In the daytime the city simply beautiful: the structure is decorated with fresh flowers and altars set in the streets. But with the advent of the night Braga moved to the deep Middle Ages: the street lights light up the torches, in the light of which the ancient pilgrims marching, dressed in creepy black robes and hoods to the covered heads.

City Fatima is the most "live"theatrical staging events of the Gospel. The beginning of presentation becomes Jesus' entrance into the holy Jerusalem, and ends terribly realistic scenes of the crucifixion, with one caveat - the actor portraying Jesus, not nailed, but tied with ropes to the cross.

cod funeral

Happy holiday, which takes place in PalmerFigueira - small towns, where the main type of production is the fishing. The people rejoice begins on the first Saturday after the completion of the Holy Week. Fasting is ended and can now again treat yourself to a variety of goodies.

St. John's Holiday

The inhabitants of this revered saint and celebrate it vigorouslycelebration. That night, welcomed the various follies and jumping over the flames of a burning fire - only the beginning. Especially like the citizens knock on the heads of friends and strangers toy hammers, so do not panic if you get on top of. The culmination of the celebration becomes a beautiful fireworks. The festive menu includes baked sardines, a delicious soup "Kaldo verde" and the river port.

Holiday Bread basket

This "leap holiday", which is celebratedonce every 4 years. The town transforms into a real flower. All the girls take part in a grand procession that accompanies the musicians - bagpipers.

On the head women are beautifully decorated baskets filled with loaves of bread. By the way, the weight of each "decoration" is 22 kg, so the men escorted the girls, helping them to maintain balance.

At the end of the procession moving carts filled with meat and wine. Horn pulled them oxen, covered with gold leaf and decorated with colorful ribbons.

Big Night Fado

The Portuguese are very fond of music and fado - their invention. The name of the genre comes from the Latin word for "fate", which means fate. Fate, expressed in music - this is the Big Night Fado.

The basis of any work in this genre is the real story, presented in the form of cheterehstrochnyh stanzas. Accompanying presentation classic "Portuguesa" country musical instrument.


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  • Portugal Holidays
  • Portugal Holidays

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