Trip to Portugal

Trip to Portugal

Trip to Portugal

Portugal - a very hospitable country. If you prefer classic beach holiday, you will certainly appreciate the local beaches. The trip to Portugal will give you paradise Lisbon Riviera, immersed in the greenery of the villa gardens and tiny hotels and much more.

Public transport

The transport system in the country is well developed and is presented in its most tram and bus services. Especially popular are the buses.

International and long-distance flights are servicedcomfortable buses. The proposed schedule is observed very strictly. Tickets can be purchased at a special kiosk. The fare on the city bus around EUR 1 and it remains valid for two trips.

Real capital of Portugal, Lisbon,presented by subway, buses, trams and lifts. Metro offers 4 lines. They all connect the central part of the city with sleeping suburbs. If desired, you can purchase a one-day travel card, which will cost approximately EUR 1.5, or three. Price in this case 3,5 EUR.

For tourists it offers special travel, including travel on all modes of transport, plus cable cars:

  • day - 2,2 EUR;
  • 4 days - 8 EUR;
  • weekly season ticket - 12 EUR.

Buy them can be at the train station or subway station.


Check this car can be on the characteristic signs available on the roof. As a rule, taxis are beige. But sometimes there are cars, painted in green and black tones.

How to get around the city is paid on the basis of evidencecounter. But the calculation of the cost of a trip outside the city will be held on the basis of kilometers traveled. Please note that you will have to pay and also the reverse path that the machine will do empty.

From 10 pm to 6 am to the existing tariff additionally added another 20%. If your luggage weighs more than 20 kilograms, it will have to pay for it. Table bonuses you will find in the cabin.

In Portugal, the driver decided to leave a tip of 10% of the cost of the trip.


The country has several international airports. Airfreight engaged several companies: TAP Air Portugal; Air Luxor; Portugalia; SATA (belongs to the Azores).

Portuguese territory can be divided intomainland and island part. Domestic flights in mainland countries do not enjoy the success, but the islands belonging to the country (the Azores and Madeira) people fly with pleasure.

Railway transport

Train good, but (when compared with other European countries) several bednovato. The total length of roads - 2786 km.


  • Trip to Portugal
  • Trip to Portugal

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